Shiite Awakening

Few days back on Sunday an attack took place in Parachinar, the tribal area of Pakistan where approximately 25 people were martyred and many injured. Those martyrs and injured were ordinary people busy in routine Sunday market activities when the suicide attack took place. The second more stern and intensive incident took place in Nigeria where a renown elderly ethnic Nigerian scholar Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaki’s residence , was attacked by the Nigerian army. Sheikh Zakzaky’s preaching made many Nigerians as followers of Ahlulbayt (a.s) and he has also established an organization by the name “The Islamic Movement of Nigeria”. Earlier this year he organized a splendid Quds rally which was also attacked by the Nigerian and his three sons embraced martyrdom in this attack. This time his residence was attacked by the Nigerian army and a large number of local Nigerian Shite Muslims were martyred, by the army though no authentic news about the numbers is still available. The first information that came also indicated that his respected wife and fourth son have also been martyred but recent news contradicts it whereby as per some news sources they were injured and arrested. It was also part of the first news that Sheikh Zakzaky was also martyred but later the member of his organization denied informing that he was injured but alive and moved to some unknown place under army custody.

African countries are highly influenced by Saudi Arabia and some other countries, therefore at times Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Arab countries give money to the governments of the other countries or by supporting the terrorist organizations conduct such incidents. The local governments have taken these terrorist organizations under their protection and security and are taking different steps to stop the Shiite movement. The entire world at present is panicked, confused, perplexed adopting
different measures and steps to suppress Shite

This Sheikh and these Shi’ites of Nigeria deserves congratulations and compliments. We are sad on the martyrdom of the Shi’ites and financial losses along with loss of lives which they have suffered. A movement started at such an enormous scale in an African country like Nigeria made it necessary for the army to suppress it. This movement followed by this incident is conveying a message to the whole world. There are no such movements seen in places where there are old religious seminary but in Nigeria where there is no old seminary a movement started. . Sheikh Zakzaky the pioneer of this movement studied in Islamic seminary (outside Africa), returned back and attracted everyone with the teachings and knowledge of Ahlulbayt (a.s)). He developed a nation (Ummah) which became so strong that it pursued Nigerian army to suppress them. Furthermore the army would not able to suppress them because

بقیۃ السیف اکثر عدد

“Those who survive from swords they grow in abudance”. Those who are tested, examined by and are tried o to be annihilated by the power of swords and weapons increase in numbers. This is a historical fact, law and phenomenon that those who were tried to be forcefully eradicated they multiplied in numbers. This phenomenon also occurs in trees. If we cut 4 branches of any tree then 40 new and fresh branches grow. . Although this event is harsh, but it revealed and disclosed many hidden facts.

In Africa no one was aware about the power of Shite as there were no Shias living there.. and there was complete unfamiliarity with the true face of the Shite. At the most people were aware about the traditional Shia’s living there. Some traditions faces of Shia were settled there but no one ever thought that Shiite Shite will also one day emerge as power.

Although the event and incident is worrying and sad but the facts it revealed are no less than any glad tidings (Bashart)
In Arab counties Shite exists for centuries. In Pakistan India Shi’ites have existed for centuries, but there Shite transferred from some decades. After the Islamic revolution people get to know Shite ideology. But they travelled so far. This is a mercy and pleasure of Almighty Allah.
A clip is also found that is also being played on media and people has that also. It is last telephonic conversation when the army was emptying the bursts o fires. Someone called him from Iran. In that telephonic conversation he himself was telling about the situation present there. At that time some of his companions were martyred and during that he talked on the phone. The army was attacking his destination with the rounds of fires and some of his companions have been martyred but he himself had not been taken as hostage. This is a two to three minutes conversation which is available in form of clip everywhere. This was his last conversation on the phone. He is replying with utter calmness that although they have killed a large number of our companions and Shi’ites and they have occupied the Hussainia and are now marching in towards the home and the attack is very intense but still we believe on Almighty Allah and we have only hope on Almighty Allah. He talked with amazing calmness. He stated that we are neither afraid nor terrorized and the only glimpse of our hope is Almighty Allah. After the martyrdom of four sons this person is so strong and hard on objective. There is no sign or symbol of fear, terror or unrest in his voice. He even is giving hope to the other side on the phone that you don’t worry we are standing and we will not retreat from our stand and stance.

In Africa it cannot be imagined that a day will rise on which the destination of the leader of Shite will be attacked and whole army will be called to suppress his power and then hostage him. Such a strong reaction occurs when the enemy perceives and comprehends something with their sixth sense. The government feared that this small movement can take turn and convert in a revolutionary movement in future, if no action is taken today. Quds rally and the steps of the Shi’ites stirred and aroused them. After this incident more awareness will spread in Africa.
This calamity that happened in Nigeria has shaken whole of Africa. Those who were in negligence and ignorance now have become more concentrated and attentive. This is that sort of happening of which the order and recommendation was given by Imam Jaffer Sadiq

کل یوم عاشوراٰئ و کل ارض کربلا
Every day is Ashura and every land is Karbala

This incident was the ashura of Africa. This was the ashura of land of Africa and ashura cannot be hidden or kept secret. Ashura attracts the attentions of whole of the world. Ashura awakes the people and brings them in movement and it ends the situation of the stone solidness. What these enemies of Shite have thought the very opposite and contrary will happen there. Those countries where the voice of the Shite hasn’t reached will listen and get the voice of the Shite and those counties which very already familiar with the voice of the Shite their movement and their intensity will increase. Although these events are saddening like the event of Karbala they have the survival and dignity of Islam from inside.

Starting of the Shite movement in Java countries

Today Shite is spreading very fast in the world and this ideology has taken a shape of movement all around the world. This religion is spreading very fast in java countries especially Indonesia and Malaysia, as movement where there is ban and prohibition on the adoption of this religion and ideology. The governments of these countries don’t allow the people to establish and construct any religious Shite center, mosque or hussainia. Two years ago, people in Malaysia were attacked and arrested in the holy nights of Qadar. Mourning ceremonies of Imam Hussein were attacked and people were taken in government custody. Wahhabism and Salafisim are spreading very quickly in those countries and these attacks are being organized by them but on the hand the Shite is also emerging as power in the world especially in Africa.

Resistance of Shite of Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan the Shite have became so strong that have made government perplexed and nervous. The Azerbaijan’s government tried to stop the mourning ceremonies of the Imam Hussein in a city but she faced serious confrontation from the Shite Muslims. For some weeks a state of war has been prevailing there. The power of the Shite ideology has made the enemies of Shite nervous and perplexed and wilder. In this state of confusion and nervousness the enemies of Shite are coordinating with the worldly satanic powers and are designing and creating armed forces like ISIS and others like that.

Hope building situation in Yemen

Another incident which is pleasant that occurred in Yemen in the city of Taiez, the commander in chief of Saudi army and commander of Emirates were killed by the missile attack of Ansar Hezbollah. Many other Sudanese commanders have also been killed in this attack and this is their huge success. We pray that may Almighty Allah give them more successes like these in future.

This is the international emergence and uprising of the Shite ideology and the worldly satanic powers are trying their best to crush, squash and suppress this power. This fight has to happen and it’s unavoidable. Where the Shite are in deep nap and are not awake and aware, only there is trouble and problem. They are busy in other unimportant and unnecessary tasks. Where Shite have become hostage of the professional jugglers, entertainers, illusionists and conjurers there is severe danger. But where the Shite are aware and awake then these martyrdoms will make them more aware, bold and will increases their bravery and passions. This is how an ideology and religion is introduced.

In every country the enemies of Shite are embarrassed and confused except India and Pakistan where they are relaxed. Despite being in large quantity the situation of Shite is saddening in only in Pakistan. But in the rest of the world the Shite is becoming very powerful.

Indian Shite under a catastrophic Charge and Allegation

In India the prime minister, a cruel killer of the Muslims and when he was the chief minister of Gujarat he burned many thousands of Muslims alive, gave statements that the Shite are with us. When Narindra Moodi was the chief minister of the state of Gujarat he sparked mischief and dormant trouble. Afterwards many thousands of Muslims were surrounded in the streets and their homes and then burned alive. He himself and his faction of ministers have made many declaration times and often that Shi’ites of India are with him. He himself of India is the killer of many thousands of Muslims. He is very hard in the enmity of Islam and Muslims. Muslims are burned in the accusations and allegiances of the cow slaughtering. At the moment there is a serous wave of hatred against the Muslims in the India. Despite this much hatred for the Muslims several times, Moodi and his ministers have proclaimed that the Shite of India are on the back of Moodi. This is a lie and accusation on Shi’ites of India. There might be some black sheep amongst the Shi’ites of India who have attached themselves with the government and they are supporting the government, have membership in his party or give statements in favor of his party but majority of Shi’ites are not standing with the government. However Moodi still gives such an impression that all the Shi’ites of India are with him. The Shi’ites cannot assist an anti-Islam government. We have several times requested the Indian Shite that they should wash this accusation from themselves. It is mere error to show attachments with such a cruel and anti-Muslim government. The government tries to give the impression that the Deobandi Muslims are incorrect but the Shite Muslims are on the right path. The Shite Muslims become happy with such statements against the Deobandi Muslims. This is absolutely wrong. How can a person having enmity with Allah and Holy Prophet be friends with Shite? This is not truth that Shi’ites support the enemies of Holy Prophet, holy Quran, mosques and signs and symbols of the religion. They are the ones who cruelly burnt the Babari mosque and every day and other they give statements that India should be cleansed from presence of Muslims. The Muslims should be exiled and deported to Pakistan or other countries. Thus it cannot be true that Shite and government are standing shoulder to shoulder.

Shi’ites of Pakistan, front to front

The situation of Pakistan is clear and in front of you that enemy is feeling no nervousness from the Shite of Pakistan. No body is afraid of the Shite of Pakistan and nobody has the terror of Shite of Pakistan. Although on the local level Pakistani Shi’ites have faced too much oppression and terror they have been suppressed seriously but at the moment nobody is afraid of the Shite of Pakistan at the international level. Defeat themselves the Shite are sufficient. They find no need and necessity to suppress the power of the Shite but they find that the Shite themselves are in abundant to fight against each others. This is what happened and is happening in Pakistan. Those areas which were considered as the power of the Shite have been suppressed and extinguished by the Shi’ites themselves. Parachanar used to be the symbol and identity of our power but at present there are two fronts and on the both sides Shite are present. Both confronting each other. It was the place where Shi’ite broke the siege and made other enemy power retreat and quit the battlefield with shame and insult, but now Shi’ites are fighting amongst themselves.

Gilgit Baltistan, Deviating from the ideology

Same is the situation of the Gilgit- Baltistan. The purest Shite region has been submitted to Wahhabis. There the government is of the Wahhabis, parliament is of Wahhabis and those Shi’ites who have been elected have also pledged oath of allegiance at the hands of the extremist chief minister. They are happy and have expressed contention of heart on whatever the chief minister says and his orders are also obligatory on them. They are trying to adjoin Gilgit Baltistan with Kashmir and make her part of Kashmir. When Gilgit Baltistan will be merged with Kashmir then Shi’ites will automatically turn into a small minority in that region. Kashmir consists of other communities. If Gilgit Baltistan is united and merged with Kashmir then Shite will become a very small minority in that region. In the present the Shite are the dominating majority in Gilgit Baltistan. To convert this dominating majority into a weightless minority there are several ways. One of those is to merge that region with other region where other communities are in majority. Thus the Shite will automatically become a sector of that region. There is tension on this matter in Gilgit but there is no tension in Baltistan. Last night people of Gilgit rallied against this and raised their voices by raising takbeers on their roof tops. On the call of their scholars and guiders people climbed their roof tops and raised takbeers. But still there is lot of need of awakening and awareness.

Situation of migrant Shite

In some countries there are migrant or overseas Shite. They have emigrated from India and Pakistan and they have adopted such a face of Shite that is even worse than the traditional Shite. Their presence and is a very big hurdle and obstacle in the way of Shite ideology. They have established some organizations and parties and don’t let others preach spread or publish Shite ideology. They have financial sources and with the help of money they construct different centers and purchase faulty preachers. Thus they don’t let people be familiar with the truth and reality.
The overseas and foreigners are a big obstacle in the way and path of revolutionary Shite ideology and revolutionary Shite. These are all revolutionary Shite. In the migrant Shite if we search thought microscope even then we won’t find any revolutionary Shite. Those who went there for the purpose of trade, then settled and established their religious centers, don’t even allow saying a word in favor of revolution. So much so that they even don’t permit to say prayers and well wishes for revolution, founder of Islamic revolution Imam and the leader of Islamic revolution. But on the contrary the local Shite are brave and fearless of which one example is this living in Nigeria. One example of the local African scholars came here as well. They have established a grand and splendid howzat in another African country. Soon are its opening ceremonies. In this way the local public of the Africa are now supporting the Shite ideology and religion.

What should be sacrificed? Nation or ideology

Where the people are only in the tension of saving their lives, job, families there the ideology and religion becomes unsecure.
Same is the case in Pakistan. In Pakistan the important topic is the Shite nation not the Shite ideology and religion. There is no value and importance of the Shite ideology and Shite religion. There is only importance of the Shite nation. In the rank of importance the Shite nation has become more important than the Shite ideology and religion. The problems and troubles of Shite nation should be solved. Shite should be able to get jobs, licenses and their youngsters should able to get to America. If Shite ideology diminishes and gets destroyed then doesn’t matter but no a single problem should come to Shite nation. The Shite ideology and religion is important. If religion and ideologies remains then it groom and develop the nations. But nations are not able to develop religions and ideology within them. Religion is nation builder but the nations are not the religion groomer. Nations cannot develop religion but religion and ideologies can develop the nations. This exactly what, that happened in Ashura. In ashura nation and tribe was not saved and people were not protected and secured but religion was saved. There was tribe of prophet and the religion of prophet was front to front but religion was saved not the household prophet. The religion gave so much sacredness to the household of Prophet that now every tongue respects and gives importance to the household of prophet. If religion have been destroyed then household of Prophet have not been given so much respect and dignity. Religion instructs and teaches us to respect the Household of Prophet. This is universal law. In Pakistan our basis are that we have to save the Shite nation even at the cost of the destruction of the Shite ideology and religion. Shite ideology and religion have been destroyed and only its name has remained. The principles of the Shite ideology have be abandoned by the Shite themselves. Religious scholars and leaders have no importance of the Shite principles and foundation and Shite ideology and religion. All the efforts are to secure and protect the nation. In the Gilgit Baltistan elections the nation was saved and protected and they did not give attention to the outcomes that will come to Shite ideology. What will happen to the real cradle where the Shite nation has to grow and develop? There is no importance and significance of that. Maybe the international happenings and incidents make them pay attention to the Shite religion. And this feeling develops and grows in them. Ideology and religion are very weak in Pakistan. Ideology is weak to very high extents. Although Shite are in millions but still ideology is weak. Due this weakness of the ideology this nation is confused and surprised.

یریدون ان یتحاکمواالیٰ الطاغوت

In normal days they are very staunch believers. When mourning is happening then everyone is a very staunch believer and a hardline follower of the religion. But when they want to constitute the government then they select such a Chief Minister. This is the weakness and fragility of the religion. Even if the nation becomes strong but ideology is fragile, it can’t do anything. If ideology is alive and robust then even small nation is enough. The real strength and power is of ideology and principles not of the people. Manpower is useless if it is not supported by ideology. Small manpower is sufficient and enough if they have the support of ideology.

کم من فئۃ قلیلۃ غلبت فئۃ کثیرۃ

Many times small powers dominate the large powers with the permission of Allah۔

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