The Massacre of Nigerian Shiites in Zaria – A Martyr’s Testimony

By Catherine Shakdam

Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega was one of the victims of a recent bloody anti-Shia crackdown in the town of Zaria, Nigeria. A man of peace, and a man of faith, Bukhari was slain by radicals alongside his wife and baby daughter, for his beliefs differed from that of Wahhabi clerics.

Shia Muslims today live in perpetual fear. Demonized by radical Salafi and Wahhabi preachers, Nigeria’s Shiites have been persecuted and oppressed on account they chose to stand by their allegiance to Islam’s first Imam – Imam Ali.

Labelled apostate by Takfiris, Shiites have endured countless horrors by the hands of radicals. From Africa to the Middle East, Wahhabis have declared war on Shia Islam, calling on the complete destruction of this school of thoughts for it fears the truth it withholds.

Following is a heartbreaking account of what hate preaching looks like when witnessed on the ground.

Before his life was cut short, Bukhari took to social media to share with the world the horrors his community was facing. If mainstream media have chosen to ignore the plight of an entire community, we have not.

We believe it is our journalistic and religious duty to denounce hate and extremism wherever they are found.

Islam is a faith of tolerance and peace. Islam does not recognize those who speak violence, xenophobia and bigotry.

Islam preaches understanding and compassion for all.

Following is an excerpt from “The Voice of Human Justice” by George Jordac of Lebanon: “Ali marched steadfastly on the path of action fixed by him for himself. He always looked upwards. He prescribed the economic rights of man as well as other rights without which the economic rights cannot materialize. He did not do favor to any particular creed, color or race. All human beings are alike and all of them are entitled to live and share the amenities of life even though they may be different in their creed, color or race. Ali was considerate to the entire mankind. According to him there was no difference between the white-colored and the black colored, the Arabs and the non-Arabs, Muslims and non-Muslims in the matter of economic rights and the amenities of life.

Although Ali was the successor to the prophet, the fortress of Islam, and the Commander of the Faithful, he did not at all wish that the non-Muslims should be compelled to embrace Islam. According to him the people were free to worship God as they liked and to hold the beliefs of their choice subject to the condition that they did not harm others. He allowed freedom of faith because all human beings are the slaves of God, and religion is a means of connection between Him and His creatures.

According to Ali one’s being a human being was sufficient for his being honored, befriended and dealt with kindly as well as for his rights being immune from infringement by others. In the testament written by him for Malik Ashtar, the Governor of Egypt, he said. “Do not become a ferocious animal for them so that you may devour them.” (The Egyptians about whom the Commander of the Faithful gave these instructions to Malik Ashtar were Christians.) There are two kinds of persons amongst the subjects, out of whom some are your brethren-in-faith and others are creatures of God like you, and you should be forgiving towards them just as you wish God to be forgiving towards you. You should not feel elated when you accord punishment.

In the circumstances everyone possesses the same rights as you do, even though some or all of his beliefs may be opposed to yours. The object of religion is certainly that it should enable you to establish brotherly relations with others. Others are as much human beings as you are. This similarity of creation is a stronger connection between you and others. You should, therefore, behave kindly with all human beings. If your brother commits a mistake or sin you should overlook his lapse and forgive him, and should not at all feel ashamed in doing so. Purify the hearts of others of enmity and grudge by purifying your own hearts of these bad qualities in the first instance.

It is obligatory for very descendant of Adam, to whatever religion or creed he may belong, that he should sympathize with his fellow beings. He should like that for others which he likes for himself and should not like that for them which he does not like for himself. He should expect from others to the same extent to which he meets the expectations of others. A real believer is he who endeavors to do good deeds.”

Such is the man Wahhabis and Salafis would have Shiites renounce – a man the last Prophet of God rose on his shoulders, a man our prophet called his son, his heir and our caliph. This Shiites will never do for denying their Imams would equate to deny God’s commands.

Below we have compiled Bukhari’s posts in chronological order. His Facebook page cane be found here

Yesterday at 11:06pm

“ It is carnage here in Zaria… We are grateful we landed peaceful and from the situation here… soldiers are killing civilians in Gyellesu area and country home of revered leader…. Sheikh Ibraheeem Zakzaky…. They destroyed all the shops along the road to the house and several bodies of civilians are just pilling up here… Do we have human being in government authority…. Are the Nigerian soldiers above the law and the President or those in authority lack the powers to order the killers vampires to stop killing people…”

Today at 12:05am

“ I was thinking n asking in this moment of madness if the command centre has shifted from Borno to Gyellesu? or is Gyelllesu the new Sambisa forest? Yeye very lazy and unproductive set of characters ……. Shooting civilians especially if they are followers of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is where you show your trademark ……… At least you only have weapon to kill but we have faith in Allah n you cannot break our will…… Yeye….. ”

Today at 12:17am

“Kano is up with demonstration, Sokoto is about taking up, Gombe is already up… All major cities in Northern states demonstration are in top gear….. We are nor terrorists n we condemned terrorism with our words n actions…. Why should we be hunted like some common criminals …. Or they forgot where their Sambisa is? Or the command centre has now officially relocated to Zaria n in the official resident of sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky?

Every coroners of this country all lovers of freedom n followers of Shaikh Zakzaky are urged to organized protest against the carnage happening here in Zaria by evil machinery of Nigeria army…… Now we are going to see if you are going to kill us all in this country… Let us see if we are not citizens without rights to life …..”

23 hours ago

“So this cache of weapons is equally part of weapons seize from Shiates who decided to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff abi? You came fully prepared to kill the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria and his followers you are busy spreading liars and deception …. Allah indeed has brought all these stress to an end indeed.

Allah’s anger and judgment is coming very soon ….. Just asked Jonathan, Namadi Sambo and all those who participated in the killing of 34 on July 25 2014….. Already the houseboy of the gangster is cooling in EFCC cell! while Namadi Sambo’s leg is about to be amputated …. Indeed we don’t have weapons to fight but we have prayers and support from Allah and it ute ultimate weapon indeed”

22 hours ago

“ 2 loud explosions around Hussainiya Baiyyatullahi now ….. Indeed Nigeria Soldiers are doing everything possible to see they ended what they started this afternoon before morning…… more re-enforcement of soldiers from Kano just arrived …. Siege on Hussainiya Baiyyatullahi….It is an interesting night here … We give give glad tidings to Allah, that we are is still strong … As we pray, rejoice and congratulate each other over the callousness, stupidity and hopelessness exhibited by Nigerian army….. If you like get more re-enforcement across the world, you can never break our will…. We are patient with this trial and tribulations…. It shall come to pass too and we shall emerged victorious Insha Allah ”

22 hours ago

“It is a reality that the military has sworn they will finish this contract by 6 am ….. Brothers and sisters are seriously offering prayers not because we are afraid of death…. Death is a beautiful neck-less on the neck of a girl…. dying in the hands of the zombies of Zionist gangsters is the highest rewards indeed ..

we are praying to Allah to give us courage, bravery, faith and patience not to change no matter the hardship and tension…..

We are indeed patient and prayerful for the gift of martyrdom just like our brothers and sisters who just departed this night from the bullets and explosive of the people who are paid to protect the people… If the Nigerian soldiers decided to turn their weapons on innocent and armless civilians we say this is most unfortunate and call for concern kam from all lover of freedom… We are Muslims and we have every right to practice our religion according to the teaching and understanding of Islam….. if some say under wise them please come and kill us all….. On this kam no negotiation and no going back… we can never surrender like slave and humiliated like cowards… Just like Imam Hussain said we equally re-echo such beautiful statement I don’t see death from the hands of oppression but happiness while living with tyrant but humiliation”

21 hours ago

“Disappointment and confusion in the camp of Nigerian soldiers as they about to face the biggest shame of their lives… they have done all the killing and injuring score of brothers and sisters, yet, we remain peaceful. They expected confrontation, the only thing they are getting is the loud slogan of “Allahu Akbar” Allahu Akbar” Allahu Akbar” Ya Mahdi Ya Mahdi Ya Mahdi is what is echoing here from brothers and sisters and children … What a disappointing outing for the Zionists zombies…. as shame and defeat is eminent .. with all the re-enforcement and weapons and shooting Power, the Will and resolved of brothers and sisters is just getting started… You cannot structured us according to your fancy …. We are Muslim.. Lovers of Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad ….. We have a code of ethics and engagement… No provocation can force us to do your bidding … If you have border to read about Islam … it is a defensive religion not offensive ….. and they are alot of steps and procedure of engagement in Jihad please…. You cannot structured us according to your ignorance and deception ‪#‎siegeonhussainiyyabaiyyatullah‬”

20 hours ago

“Nigeria Soldier has just won a medal of cowardice by bombing the front view of Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah ….Loud explosion has shattered the front view of beautiful Hussaniyya Baqiyyatullah information reaching us now …. What is the meaning of this? is Hussainiyya the new found Sambisa Forest?

Shame and defeat is eminent, as morning get closer by the day…. the people will continue from where we stop… they lost the support and sympathy of the people …. The REAL BOKO HARAM is now on the lose bombing building and killing innocent civilians ….. Indeed the command centre has just moved to Zaria”

20 hours ago

“Structuring the unstructured movement….

Over the years the Nigerian government has done everything within its power to structured the Islamic Movement in Nigeria into having executive structure so that they can penetrate and destroy the movement, that failed because the only leader is Mallam Ibraheeem Zakzaky (H).

The biggest threat to Zionism and tyranny is having a strong and pious Islamic leader with central command system in Islamic Movement…. they did everything the Movement structure the unstructure movement but its remains unstructure because everything is with Mallam Ibraheem Zakzaky he remain the spiritual and political leader of the Movement and so far it has frustrated all their plans because Allah Has honour him after much trials and tribulations with the gift of wisdom and destroying all the plans of the enemies of Humanity.

Just like they were able to achieve restructuring movement in Sudan lead by Hassan Al-Turabi, Egypt of Muslim Brotherhoood and Islamic Front in Algeria, which lead to infiltrations by the agents leading to its destruction…. they still tried their best to sale that dummy to people of Islamic Republic of Iran, but, it failed because the supreme leader Sayyeed Ali Khameini remains the leader of the revolution.

Unfortunately, since they are unable to structure the movement into having leaders and positions such as the Secretary General, Financial Officers, Treasurer, PRO etc, their plan cannot achieve the desire result …. so they have lost senses, reasoning, control and sense of direction…. Unfortunately your cowardice and lack of control has now become your Waterloo and people can see through your conspiracy, deception and subservience…

No doubt the Islamic Movement is the only truly Islamic Movement in Africa and with the gains and the general acceptance of the larger populations they are getting they are afraid everyday of losing their relevance and power… But, is it about power? It is not about power because even alot of Imam of Islam never become leaders but, concentrated in reviving and making sure the true Islam is alive…. Our is reviving the souls and lives of people to return to Allah and Islam alone …. What come after worth is from Allah…. Indeed you shall continue to fail and shame and shame shame shall continue to be your destination…. Insha Allah”

20 hours ago (last message)

“Unfortunate battery is running out and may be this is my last post …. and is already morning as the call for prayers is already taking shape insha Allah … Whatever the situation please due forgive us we are not perfect but just trying to see what we can contribute so that we can have excuses before Allah when he ask us about the state of affair about Islam… We can say Ya Rabbi we did our best and in the process we were martyr in the process…”

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