Ansarullah’s Ultimatum to US Warmongering: Reasons, Ramifications

Despite efforts by Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement to strike a ceasefire deal, the aggression countries led by the US are still moving contrary to the regional and international push to end the war, dimming the prospects of peace in Yemen.

The US, which in 2015 gave Saudi Arabia a green light to wage its invasion of Yemen, after 9 years and despite failure of all of its plots, maintains its enmity to Yemenis, and while there are moves by regional sides to help end the conflict, Washington continues its support to occupation and blockade of Yemen. This is infuriating the Yemenis.

In this regard, the Sana’a-based cabinet on Saturday confirmed that the Yemeni armed forces represented by the navy are ready to confront the American presence in Yemen coasts and Bab-el-Mandeb Strait as the world economy’s artery.

Sana’a condemned this military presence which violates Yemen’s sovereignty and is in conflict with international laws and norms and emphasized that Yemen’s naval forces have the capabilities that enable them to deal with any aggressive action that targets the coasts and territorial waters of Yemen and the security of the strategic Bab-el-Mandeb.

Sana’a stressed that Yemen has adequate capacity to ensure the safety of navigation in Bab-el-Mandab and its coasts, waters and islands and decisively confront terrorism and terrorists. It also asserted that the presence of American forces in the coasts and territorial waters of Yemen and some military bases is a hostile action that will have disastrous effects on the region and the world.

The National Salvation Government (NSG) further considered the escalation of the US presence in Yemen’s coasts as a result of this country’s aggression and blockade against the Yemeni people, adding that the US’s excuses for military presence in the region are a “strategic lie” and an attempt to distract global public opinion.

The NSG went on that the presence of American and Israeli forces in the Red Sea endangers the safety and security of maritime navigation and that the developments taking place in the world to end the US unipolarity and hegemony are not far away.

In addition to Ansarullah leaders, people of Yemen do not tolerate presence of foreigners on their soil either. On Saturday, thousands of Yemenis held a massive demonstration in Sa’ada in north of the country warning the American and other foreign forces present in the Gulf of Aden, Bab-el-Mandab, Red Sea, and Gulf of Oman not to “play with fire” since it will have a heavy price for them to pay.

Earlier, the focus of Ansarullah threats was the Saudi-led aggression coalition to end its presence in Yemen as soon as possible and stay immune to painful attacks. However, in recent months, the threats shifted their target to the US. Sana’a officials have repeatedly warned that the main factor behind start of the war was the US and now it is responsible for the state of no-peace, no war and obstructs peace.

Ansarullah Secretary-General Abdul Malik al-Houthi in his speech on Saturday once again lashed out at Washington’s destructive actions in the region and said that Saudi Arabia must understand that continuing to implement the dictates of the US and Britain will have dire consequences for it. NSG Minister of Defense Mohammad Al-Ataifi recently said that “whoever leans on the United States and England wall is doomed to collapse.”

Sana’a leaders have repeatedly warned Saudi Arabia and the UAE that the presence of the Americans in the region will not guarantee their security and that they should end their occupation of Yemen before it is too late and return to the path of peace. But the American treacherous actions in the past two years show that Washington is a major obstacle to ending the conflicts as it is seeking a share from outcomes of the crisis it fomented.

The US goals for presence in the region

The escalation of tensions between the US and Ansarullah come as recently Washington deployed to the Red Sea several destroyers along with a number of F-35 fighter jets and 3,500 troops under the ruse of countering what it says the security threats posed by Iran and for protecting international navigation. These provocative actions at a time the region is heading to a state of calm and stability can inflame the tensions and create a new crisis.

Many analysts agree that the US claims to provide security in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea are only to deceive the public opinion, and there are other goals behind these escalatory actions.

Washington, with its strong presence in the Red Sea, which overlooks Yemeni territories, is trying to tighten the maritime blockade on Yemen. The White House officials, like the rulers of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, believe that if they lift the sanctions and blockade from Yemen, Ansarullah will pose a challenge to the occupation due to its military capabilities. That is why they put Yemen situation in the state of no war, no peace to defend the aggression countries against Ansarullah’s missile attacks.

Under the excuse of threats from Ansarullah, the Americans are pushing to increase the maritime embargo on Yemen and not to allow ships to dock in Hudaydah Port. Hudaydah has been the only way to provide humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people in recent years, and once it is sanctioned, the lives of millions of Yemenis who are already living in a catastrophic situation will be endangered. Ansarullah as the defender of lives and property of Yemenis will not remain silent to this plot.

Making from the so-called Iranian security threats an excuse for its military buildup in regional waters, Washington tries to impair the power of Ansarullah which it claims is an ally to Iran in a bid to dominate the security belt from the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea. Washington is aware of the importance of the Bab-el-Mandab in its maritime trade and is trying to dominate this trade gateway and ensure the safety of its ships and its allies, especially the Israeli regime, which is dependent on this route.

Another point about the American warlike actions in the region is that the White House officials are trying to back the Saudi-led coalition with military buildup in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea since Saudi Arabia and the UAE have lost much of their military strength because of the 9-year war whereas Ansarullah enhanced its defense capabilities and gained the upper hand on the ground.

On the other hand, over the past year, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have shown that they do not follow the orders dictated by the US like before, and their strengthening of economic relations with China and even holding joint exercises with this emerging Eastern power has greatly worried Washington. Therefore, the US with these late actions wants to assure its allies of continued protection to their security against the alleged threats of Ansarullah and Iran, but these provocative actions can only cause war.

Implementing partition project

In the past 9 years, Washington and its allies failed in the project to obliterate Ansarullah. Now they are thinking other options to avoid moving out of this crisis empty-handed. Currently, the southern regions of Yemen, which are rich in mineral resources and oil and gas, are under the control of Saudi and Emirati-backed mercenaries, and the permanent control over these uncharted resources is the dream of the rulers of Abu Dhabi and Riyadh, but they need fundamental support to advance this agenda.

The aggression coalition is aspiring to separate the south from Ansarullah control in association with the Southern Transitional Council (STC) to comfortably implement their evil project of plundering Yemen’s resources. Having in mind that the Saudis and Emiratis cannot occupy the south forever given Ansarullah’s power to push them back, they need thousands of American forces stationed in the region to help them realize their Yemen split scenarios.

While the US thinks that it can guarantee the security of the Saudi-led coalition by deployment of thousands of its elite forces, Sana’a, which has nothing to lose, has shown over the past years that it has made huge missile and naval advancements and will not tolerate the occupiers and will resolutely respond to them and the main victims of the American warmongering will be Washington’s allies

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