US tries to paint David as Goliath: Americans are actually running this war

Don’t be shocked. French journalist Georges Malbrunot has caused a stir with his claim that “the Americans are in charge of the war on the ground in Ukraine. “And who is in charge? It’s the Americans. I saw it with my own eyes.” It’s a US war, folks. Always has been. Another US regime change war in a string that has left death, destruction and mayhem in virtually every corner of the globe.

The US has been there the whole time, and if you think they are just getting there now to “defend Ukraine,” you are beyond help. This has been in the planning for many years, the culmination of the Bait and Bleed mantra espoused by Zbigniew Brzezinski and the rest of the cabal of monsters that seized control of the US policy apparatus in the late 70s.

The interesting thing is that they are getting their backsides handed to them, which you can see if you look behind the well-constructed veil. On the publicity front, the CIA’s lie factory is wiping the floor with the Russians, managing to hoodwink huge numbers of people in the core countries (the vaunted International Community) into thinking up is down and the day is night. Easy peasy for the country that coaxed generations of women to their deaths from smoking, by selling them little ‘Torches of Freedom’ during the suffragette years.

But then they have always been better at virtual war than at the real thing. Frantic helicopter escapes from Saigon, Kabul and other famous places can attest to that. Which is not to say the Vanguard of the Imperium will ever go easy into that good night. In fact, the greatest victory so far, and there doesn’t seem to be much hope of reversing it given the sorry state of Americans’ knowledge of their own history, is the massive PR success of transposing David with Goliath.

Americans are so naïve, childlike really, in their well-massaged beliefs that they yearn, if not for a biblical angle, then superhero angle to every story. Just like in the movies. Even if it’s a joke-telling, accomplished penist (don’t spell check that, it’s not a typo) who is glad to add another role to his IMDb credits. Perfect foil, perfect empty vessel.

Especially for getting the whole thing backward. It’s not little Ukraine fending off the Big Bad Russians. Ukraine has not been an independent state for quite some time. The US began its NATO-tipped invasion in 1990 at the latest. Then they crept ever eastward, pursuing the same regime change war (coup is the old word and the correct one) in one guise or another in a dozen different countries around the globe.

It’s Russia (and by extension, all these imperial victims around the globe) against the US, NATO and the collective west. From Iran to Vietnam to Cuba to Congo to Angola to Algeria to Nicaragua to Venezuela to Honduras to Libya to Syria to Yemen to Pakistan and on to the big prize–Russia (or China). Yes, it’s the same war. Yes, US/NATO are the instigators. Yes they have funded, trained, and let loose Nazis for this purpose.

They dug in deep (literally) in a secret, fortified, forward NATO base right on Russia’s border. What they didn’t expect was Russia’s fierce response, which caught them with their generals’ pants down. They calculated, unwisely, that Russia would never take Mariupol and capture a US general. From Mariupol, barely 35 miles from Russia’s border, they set out to direct this war from an impenetrable bunker fortress. In a year or so, the west too will have hypersonic missiles.

So no, don’t bother acting all surprised, especially if you hail from one of those western “democracies” that is knee-deep in the blood of the rest of the world, the ones Padraig Pearse called “Ye that have harried and held, ye that have bullied and bribed.”

If you have trouble getting your mind past Big Bad Russia…. Well, turn off your TV first. Try to find some real news and learn some real history. And if you are not a tax resister, or if you don’t spend every waking minute putting your body in front of some tank bound for one or another country full of brown people, you might want to pipe down a bit about how terrible Russia is. Your money is literally paying for this shit. You also might, like Dr. King, demur from condemnation “without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” It was over 50 years ago, but the uncontested champion still reigns.

Revolutionary sources from Cuba to China to Bolivia to Venezuela and Vietnam are not confused about who is David and who is Goliath in this story. Nor are other victims of endless coup attempts and regime change wars waged by the US and its steroid-addled NATO doppelganger. The people of Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, virtually all of Africa and South America. In Russia’s bold action, they see someone finally standing up to the undisputed bully and sponsor of terrorism on the planet. With the cat clearly out of the bag, it is time to close ranks against the real danger facing the world.

By Daniel Patrick Welch

Source: Press tv


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