6 Important Tasks of Muslims Toward ISIS

1- Formation of a scholarly, rational and comprehensive movement by ulama

There are some great duties which need to be carried out. … One is the formation of a scholarly, rational and comprehensive movement by ulama from all Islamic denominations with the purpose of uprooting the takfiri orientation. This movement should not be confined to certain denominations. All the Islamic denominations which believe in and feel sympathetic towards Islam share this responsibility. A great scholarly movement should be launched.
They entered the arena with the false slogan of following “the righteous predecessors” [salafu saleh]. We should prove the righteous predecessors’ animosity towards the things that they are doing and the movement that they are launching. This should be done with the language of religion, knowledge and reason.
You should save youth. There are some people who are influenced by these deviant thoughts. These poor individuals think that they are doing good deeds. They are the manifestation of these holy ayahs: “Say: ‘Shall we tell you of those who lose most in respect of their deeds? Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life, while they thought that they were acquiring good by their works?’” [The Holy Quran, 103-104]. They are the manifestation of these ayahs. They vainly think that they are fighting in the way of God! [1]

2- Illustrating the role of the arrogant policies of America and England

Another task which is really urgent is illustrating the role of the arrogant policies of America and England. This should be illustrated and explained. Everyone in the world of Islam should know what the role of America’s policies in this regard is. Everyone should know what the role of the intelligence services of America, England and the Zionist regime on this matter is. Everyone should know that they are working for them, that the plot has been hatched by arrogance and that these takfiri orientations receive support and money from them. They receive money by the regional puppet regimes. It is these puppet regimes which give them money, but the plot is hatched by arrogance and as a result, they ruin these poor takfiri youth. They create such a problem for the world of Islam. This is another necessary task that should be carried out.[2]

3- attending to the issue of Palestine as the main issue of muslims

The other task that should definitely be carried out is attending to the issue of Palestine. You should not allow the issue of Palestine, Holy Quds and al-Aqsa Mosque to be consigned to oblivion. This is what they want. They want the world of Islam to ignore the issue of Palestine. You can see that the Zionist regime cabinet has recently announced that Palestine is a Jewish country. It announced that Palestine is a Jewish country. They have been pursuing this issue from long ago. Now, they are openly declaring it. By pursuing the ignorance of the world of Islam, the masses of the people and Muslim nations, they are after occupying Holy Quds and al-Aqsa Mosque, and weakening the Palestinians as much as they can. We should pay attention to this. All peoples should ask their governments to pursue the issue of Palestine. Islamic ulama should ask their governments to pursue the issue of Palestine. This is an important and major responsibility. [3]

4- Preserving unity and unanimity among muslim nations

Preserving national unity and unanimity is one of our responsibilities. The great danger of the presence of takfiri forces, which are unfortunately active in parts of the region, is not that they kill innocent people. Of course, this is a crime and it is great, but their great danger is that they make the two groups of Shia and Sunni Islam be pessimistic towards each other. This is a very great danger. We should prevent this pessimism so that on the one hand, Shia Muslims do not think it is the camp of Sunni Islam which confronts and behaves towards Shia Muslims like this and on the other hand, Sunni Islam will not be influenced by the statements of these takfiri forces – that is to say, what these forces say including the false rumors that they spread about Shia Islam and the fires which they fuel. They should be careful. Both Shia and Sunni Muslims should be careful. Everyone throughout the country should know this. Both Sunni and Shia Muslims throughout the country should know this. They should not let the unity which exists in the country today be shattered. One part of this unity is solidarity between Shia and Sunni denominations and between different ethnicities. Magnifying ethnic characteristics and fueling the fire of nepotism are dangerous measures. This is playing with fire. Everyone should pay attention to this issue as well. [4]One of the commands of the Holy Quran is that the entire Islamic Ummah should be united with one another and that they should join hands: “And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves” [The Holy Quran, 3: 103]. Who is this ayah addressing? It is addressing us. It is addressing the people of Iran and Muslim countries. It is addressing all believers in Islam who live throughout the world. But, do we obey this order? The opposite of this Quranic lesson is the lesson that arrogance wants to teach: discord among Muslims. Arrogance wants a group of people to curse and say takfiri things against another group of people. This is what arrogance wants today. It wants to do this so that we do not stay together. Unfortunately, some Islamic governments are deceived by this. They are playing into the enemy’s hands and they are deceived by and work for the enemy, sometimes knowingly and sometimes ignorantly. [5]

5- Muslims should utilize the elements which give them power

Today, those who make the world of Islam drift away from unity and solidarity – while today the need for solidarity is more than ever – are working for devils and shaitans. As you can see today, the western world, global imperialism and the owners of oil companies and big financial cartels and trusts are spending money and hatching plots for creating Islamophobia. They burn the Holy Quran, they insult the blessed name of the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.), they draw caricatures, they publish books [against Muslims] and they provoke ethnicities against Muslims in big capitals of European countries. As you can see, these are clear things. What does this mean? It means Islamophobia. Today, western enemies have drawn their swords against Muslims. Well, what is the responsibility of Muslims? Muslims should utilize the elements which give them power. They should strengthen, on a daily basis, the factors that contribute to their internal power and capabilities. One of the most important factors in this regard is unity and solidarity. This is a lesson for us. This is a lesson for Muslim peoples.[6]

6- Muslims should be suspicious of the kind of Islam that is favorable to Washington, London and Paris

Be suspicious of the kind of Islam that is favorable to Washington, London and Paris, be it laïcist and westernized or rigid and violent. Do not trust the kind of Islam that tolerates the Zionist regime but confronts Islamic denominations in a brutal way, the kind of Islam that extends a hand of peace and friendship to America and NATO but fans the flames of domestic sectarian and tribal conflicts, the kind of Islam that is cruel to believers and compassionate towards unbelievers. Be suspicious of American and English Islam because it will lure you into the trap of western capitalism, consumerism and moral decline. In the past centuries, both outstanding personalities and rulers felt proud of increased dependence on France, England, America and the Soviet Union, and they used to run away from Islamic symbols. But today everything has completely changed.


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