What’s Behind Israeli Spy Chief’s Secret Visit To Iraqi Ein al-Assad Base?

Chief of Israeli regime’s spy agency Mossad reportedly has secretly visited Ein al-Assad military base hosting the US forces in Western Iraq.

The news was broken by the American website which reported that Yossi Cohn made a surprise visit to the American military base in Iraq as part of his regional tour, during which he talked to the American military advisors located there.

Cohn, also an advisor to Prime Minister Netanyahu, is eying to establish strategic relations with some officials in the Arab countries. His visit to the base served as the first step to this aim, the report said.

Earlier, the Kan 11 news network of the Israeli regime reported that Cohn was expected to talk to the Arab leaders especially in Egypt and Jordan on the PM’s plan to annex parts of the West Bank to the other occupied territories. The network added that the aim of the spy chief is to listen to the Arab leaders’ positions on the annexation plan.

The US continues to disregard the Iraqi independence and sovereignty

Aside from the objectives of this secret trip of the Israeli intelligence official to Ein al-Assad, what very importantly brings this visit to spotlight is the authorization for Cohn to make such a visit.

Iraq and the Israeli regime have neither official nor unofficial political and economic relations and so the visit has come with a green light from the Americans.

Thus, the US has ignored Iraq’s sovereignty and independence by giving the Israeli spy chief the right to enter the Arab country. This comes while the Tel Aviv regime is considered a hostile party by the Iraqi government.

In other words, while the US military presence in Iraq is itself considered occupational and is opposed to by the Iraqi people and politicians, now the Americans even more than ever breached the Iraqi independence by providing a ground for an official from a regime unrecognized by Baghdad to enter the Iraqi territories.

This move, from another aspect, is a violation of international law and runs openly against the charter of the UN about the countries’ territorial rights and sovereignty. The Iraqi government, accordingly, reserves the right to file a complaint against the US in the UN’s Security Council for sovereignty breach, though there is no hope for success for such a move as the US is a permanent member of the UNSC and holds the right to veto resolutions.

The record of Israeli violations against Iraq with Washington green light

The visit to the Iraq’s territory by the Israeli spy chief is not the first violation by Tel Aviv against Iraq.

In 2019, the Israeli regime carried out airstrikes on Iraqi positions. The air raid angered the Iraqi lawmakers who blasted the US for Okaying it and called on the American troops to withdraw from the country. At the time, it was reported that the attacks were carried out by Israeli drones under an air cover provided by the American forces.

In February, Netanyahu admitted that the Israeli military attacked sites in Iraq and Syria.

With regard to the Israeli violations against Iraq with the green light of the US, it is glaringly clear that Iraq’s independence means nothing for the US leaders and military officials. This will double the need and justification for the foreign forces, and mainly the Americans, to be forced out of Iraq. In fact, while the US is present militarily in Iraq, full independence is unthinkable by the Arab country.

Although the American website claimed that the aim for the visit to the American base was part of an Israeli regional campaign to discuss the West Bank annexation with the Arab world, it will backfire to the Israelis because it is made clandestinely and unofficially and against the will of the Iraqi people and officials. The certain outcome is that it will help strengthen the Axis of Resistance’s position against the Israeli violations in general and the West Bank annexation plan in particular.

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