How Hezbollah-Army Relation Moved from Patience about 1993 Massacre to Unity of Martyrdom since 1997

Since its emergence, Hezbollah has been fighting the Zionist enemy in addition to the defeat notions promoted by certain Arab regimes and their puppets in Lebanon.

One of the most conspicuous aspects of this struggle appeared on September 13, 1993, when the Lebanese authorities decided to suppress a peaceful protest in Beirut’s Dahiyeh against Oslo Agreement.

On the same day the Palestinian Authority signed a ‘peace’ treaty with the Zionist enemy in the US capital Washington in a process aimed at suffocating the Palestinian resistance in return for void promises made by the Israeli and American officials.

The Lebanese youths did not tolerate such a Palestinian concession and insisted on rejecting the Agreement in the same context of supporting the Islamic Resistance against the Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon and Western Bekaa.

The Lebanese army was ordered by the political rulers to open fire at the demonstration. The result was that the army committed a massacre of killing nine peaceful protesters.

Hezbollah, whose military power was dramatically developing, showed extreme self-restraint and patience about the crime, keeping its weapon directed against the Israeli enemy.

The Resistance Party faced numerous cases in which patience and self-restraint were the perfect way to reach the ultimate goal of the Jihadi track. However, this does not mean that the blood of the martyrs was lost.

The nine martyrs’ blood paved Lebanon’s way to reject the normalization scheme which was plotted to eradicate the Resistance in the region and impose Zionist ‘peace’ treaties on the Arab countries.

Hezbollah, then, continued its resistance operations against the Israeli occupation in Southern Lebanon, Meanwhile, the Lebanese army witnessed a necessary amendment of its performance. This resulted in sharing the Resistance its sacrifice in face of the Israeli enemy,

Four years later, on September 12, 1997, a group of Hezbollah fighters, including the son of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, Sayyd Hadi, and a number of Lebanese army officers as well as soldiers jointly embraced martyrdom Mount Rafea confrontation with the Zionist occupation forces.

In 2021, Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that Hezbollah and Dahiyeh locals reacted patiently and wisely with the Lebanese military attack on the protesters, adding the outcome of that patience appeared in the joint fight and martyrdom of Hezbollah fighter and the Army soldiers against the Israeli occupation forces in 1997.

Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed that the golden formula, Army-People-Resistance will keep protecting Lebanon and achieving victories just as in May 2000 and July 2006.

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed, in a direct address to the US administration, that all its conspiracies, schemes and policies, which had earlier failed, will repeatedly fail to tamper with Army-People-Resistance formula which protects Lebanon.

The sublimity of Hezbollah Resistance lies not only in the military confrontations with the enemy but also in the patience about oppression, unfairness, sedition, and backstab. This Resistance, whose leaders do not hesitate to send their sons to the combat fronts, could have never but emerge victorious from all its battles.

Indeed, September 13 protest against Oslo Agreement was on the fight track as the pact itself gave the Palestinian people literally nothing. The Zionist enemy has continued escalating its aggression on the Palestinians, occupying their lands and desecrating their noble shrines.

The Israeli enemy has also tried to normalize ties with some Arab countries in order to compensate for its losses inflicted by the Resistance. However, the diplomatic meetings with the Arab officials did not reflect upon the negative stance of the Arab people against the Zionist occupation entity.

Finally, between 1993 and 1997 through 2023, the principle of the Resistance is controlling the regional scene and leaving the decisive outcomes reshaping the Middle East scene.


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