Our loved ones alive or dead ? missing persons’ families worried

Shiite News: Innocent Shia youths have been missing for many years and now the sanctity of the veil and the boundary wall is being violated again and more innocent youths from different Shia communities are forcibly abducted, which is highly condemnable.

The families of the missing Shia persons and leaders expressed these views at Karachi Press Club while addressing the protest demonstration.

A large number of people including MWM leader Allama Sadiq Jafri, Allama Mubasher Hasan, Khalid Rao participated in the protest demonstration.

Speakers said that it is no longer the case that our missing persons are not being returned, but we are being informed through various sources that missing youths are no longer in this world.

Asking whether we should consider our loved ones alive or dead. The speakers said that the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Army Chief are requested to reach out to the families of the missing Shia people.

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