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Saudi, Kuwaiti ambassadors to return to Lebanon after last year’s diplomatic standoff over Yemen war

Ambassadors from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are reportedly going to return to Beirut in the near future after critical comments…

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‘Persian Gulf Cooperation Council’s talks meant to get Saudi Arabia out of Yemen quagmire’

The so-called intra-Yemeni talks, planned by the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) at the regional union’s headquarters in Riyadh, are…

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US sends Patriot missile interceptors to Saudi Arabia amid Yemen retaliation

The United States has sent a significant number of Patriot antimissile interceptors to Saudi Arabia upon an urgent request from…

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US senator: Saudi use of yuan ‘big, bad thing’, sign that America is weak

An American senator warns that China and Saudi Arabia’s potential ditching of the dollar in their bilateral oil trade could…

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KSA to accept Yuan for oil sales rather than the US dollar

It might appear to be just a simple switch from dollars to the Yuan, or the Renminbi, but it is…

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Saudi Arabia has executed 100 people since start of current year

Saudi Arabia has executed 100 people since January, a report said after the execution of four more people in the…

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UK’s Johnson fails to secure oil promise after talks with Saudi, UAE

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has failed to secure commitments from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to ramp…

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British Prime Minister arrives in Riyadh to discuss oil

The British Prime Minister arrived in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday at the head of a high-ranking delegation. Media sources reported…

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Saudi Arabia mulls ditching dollar in favor of China’s yuan

Saudi Arabia is considering ditching the US dollar in favor of yuan in its oil sales to China, something which…

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UK PM’s planned Saudi trip comes under fire

The figures were stark even for those used to dealing with sobering news coming out of Riyadh, the news that…

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