Middle East

Kuwait braces for PM ouster mass rally

Kuwaiti youth groups plan to hit the streets on Tuesday to demand the removal of the incumbent prime minister and…

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Yemen opposition to step up protests

Yemen’s opposition have pledged to escalate protests against President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime, which is being asked countrywide to step…

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Bahraini protesters demand King ouster

Thousands of Bahraini anti-government demonstrators have gathered near Al-Qudaibiya Palace in the capital Manama, demanding regime change in the tiny…

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Gaddafi forces take back Ben Jawad

Libyan opposition forces have been forced to withdraw from Ben Jawad in the east of the country after clashes with…

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Bahrain releases 23 political prisoners

Bahraini officials have released 23 political activists as protesters stage pro-democracy demonstrations in the Persian Gulf state on a daily…

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Bahrain opposition set demands for talks with royal

Opposition groups and anti-government protesters in Bahrain say their demands must be met before they will enter into talks with…

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Mubarak’s ‘Day of Departure’ begins

Protesters in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, are staging a “Day of Departure” for President Hosni Mubarak.The Egyptian anti-government protesters have…

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Mubarak vigilantes attack people

Pro-Mubarak vigilantes have intensified their attacks against protesters and journalists as the nation braces for another mass rally on the…

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Imam Khomeini calls on Egyptians to Rise

Imam Khomeini mentioned Egypt in many speeches. He praised the revolutionaries of this country, especially those who took part in…

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Mubarak says he won’t run for re-election

Embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has announced that he will not run for re-election as millions of people are demanding…

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