China affirms importance of avoiding imposing foreign solution to crisis in Syria

Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, said that the international community should avoid imposing any foreign political solution to the crisis…

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Erdogan, two-faced politician: Opposition figure

A leading Turkish opposition figure has described Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a two-faced politician who puts on a…

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Jammu Shia, Sunni Muslims celebrate Eid-Millad- ul-Nabi (PBUH)

In connection with celebrations of Eid-Millad- ul-Nabi, birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Shia Federation of Jammu province in collaboration…

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Saudi Arabia sowing discord among Muslims: Cleric

A top Malaysian Sunni cleric says a plot involving the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia has been hatched to…

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Turkish police storms IHH after seizing truck laden with weapon on Syria borders

The Turkish police on Tuesday stormed into the pro-Islamic Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), a body that is close to Recep…

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Klichdar: Erdogan’s government provides weapons to al-Qaeda and Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria

The leader of the Republican People’s Party of Turkey, Kemal Klichdar, stressed that the government of the Justice and development…

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Turkey slaps 36 protesters with terrorist charges

Prosecutors in Turkey have charged 36 people with terrorism in connection with massive anti-government protests that rocked the country last…

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Indonesia’s pluralism alive, but in awful shape

Indonesia may not be on the verge of becoming an Islamic theocracy, but it certainly has lost its credentials as…

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Malaysia Federal Government, State Muftis Asked to Endorse Amman Message on Sunni-Shia

The International Movement of Just World (JUST) appealed to the Malaysian Federal government and state muftis to publicly endorse the…

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Senior Turkish Shia Imam: “We Will Say Labbaik to Zainab”

Senior Turkish Shia cleric, Selahattin Ozgunduz mentioned in his speech that: “the day of Ashura this year is different and…

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