Hassan Tehrani Moqaddam whom the West was terrified

Moukhtar Berto- TehranThe Islamic Republic of Iran has scored too many achievements, on top of which the self-sufficiency in different…

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Blame the victim: DAWN newspaper’s role in Shia Genocide

The Taliban regime of Mullah Omer ruled Afghanistan, or at least a majority of Afghan territory, from 1995 till October…

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Who are Takfiri Deobandis?

Social media has recently witnessed the emergence of term #TakfiriDeobandi. A Takfiri Deobandi is one who declares followers of all…

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We all, our everything, are sacrificed for Imam Hussain (AS)

Salute to martyrs of Karbala who responded yes to Imam Hussain (AS)’s call of help in Moharram 61 (After Hijrah-A.H.).…

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Indonesia: Displaced Sampang Shia Muslims Feel Abandoned

Shia Muslims who lost their homes to communal violence in late August are in their third month of living in…

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More than 20,000 Shias including 6000 children killed in Pakistan since 1980s

Since mid-1980s, more than 20,000 Shia Muslims, thousands of Sunni Sufi (Barelvi) Muslims, hundreds of Ahmadis, Christians and Hindus have…

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ISI-sponsored anchors are promoting Takfiri terrorists to boost Shia genocide in Muharram

In the last few weeks, quite a few (yellow) journalists, columnists and TV anchors have been activated by Pakistan’s military…

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Why Al Khalife ascribe Bahrain explosions to Hezbollah

By ascribing recent explosions in Bahrain to Hezbollah, Al Khalife follows some hidden goals,” said a Member of Iran’s Majlis…

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Pro-Taliban journalists help terrorists make Shia journalists’ hit-list

 Hit-list of Shia journalists has been made. The supporters of Taliban and their off-shoots working in the guise of journalists…

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In Indonesia, Shia blood is halal! Part III

by Andre Vltchek and Rossie IndiraOn 13 July 2012 Amnesty International released its report Indonesia: Shi’a leader imprisoned for blasphemy…

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