Lady Fatimah (S.A.) in the words of Fatimah (S.A.)

Lady Fatimah (S.A.)’s virtues resulted in her elevation and it distinguished her character in the eyes of many throughout history.…

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One year into Biden’s administration & its poor record

The administration of US President Joe Biden is now one year old. It began its work in a unique way…

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Russia vs. Ukraine

At the time of writing, Russia has amassed over 100,000 troops within striking distance of Ukraine with many, up to…

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TTP terrorist attack

MONDAY night’s assault on a police party in Islamabad, which left one cop dead and two injured, marks a significant…

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Iran’s logic & broken US master key in Vienna talks

Only 131 days were enough for the United States to realize that the shift in Iran’s position regarding the negotiations…

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Kazakhstan must not be allowed to become another Ukraine

In 2014, the world was informed by western media that a people’s uprising against an unpopular government was taking place…

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Hazrat Fatima (A.S), the most oppressed Lady in the world

Both Shia and Sunni sources agree that, on a number of occasions, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had said, “Fatimah is part…

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Iran won, fair and square

A few weeks ago, Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli prime minister brazenly said that Tel Aviv didn’t have to abide by…

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2021 Roundup: The failed US withdrawal from Afghanistan

The war on Afghanistan was concluded, and from the rubble and ash emerged a not-so victorious nation, the so-called exporter…

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Three Palestinians wounded by Israeli tank fire on Gaza

Three Palestinians have been injured by Israeli army tank fire that came after an Israeli civilian was lightly wounded by…

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