Ukraine war


Bread prices in Yemen increased by 35% since Ukraine war

Bread prices in Yemen have increased by 35% since Ukraine war, according to Oxfam on Thursday (24 Mar 2022). “The…

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Germany to send 2000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, UK to supply 6000 missiles

Germany will send 2,000 additional anti-tank weapons to Ukraine to replenish the country’s depleting arsenal and bolster its defenses against…

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Middle East

Ukraine war exposes cracks in US ties to Middle East allies

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine dominating discussions around the world, the Biden administration has been promoting global unity against what…

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Blatant orientalism in Western media coverage of Ukraine war

Much of the Western mainstream media coverage of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine has displayed once again the blatant white…

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West Asia after Ukraine war

Introduction: Causes of the Ukraine crisis The Ukraine crisis, regardless of whether one regards it as a pleasant or sad…

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