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Another Sunni scholar expresses solidarity with Iranians against Saudi fatwa

Allama Hussain Ahmed Saeedi, head of Jamiat Ulema wa Mashaikh Pakistan, has expressed solidarity with Iranians saying “Iranians are our…

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Sunni leader backs Iranian nation against Saudi Wahhabis fatwa

Sunni leader Pir Syed Masoom Shah Naqvi who heads Jamiat Ulema Pakistan-Niazi group has condemned the Saudi Wahhabis fatwa against…

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Middle East

ISIL Dismisses Emir of Southern Damascus over Military Failures, Sexual Perversion

ISIL leadership in Syria fired the Takfiri groups’ Emir in Southern Damascus after the group suffered heavy casualties in clashes…

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Sexual Jihad Creates Controversy in Iraq

The Sunni parliamentary alliance of Iraq Mutahedun Alliance led by Osama al-Nujaifi, the former speaker of the parliament and the…

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‘Al-Nusrah name change, a gain for Resistance’

Making his remarks in the southern Lebanese village of Majdal Zoun, cc, the vice-president of the Executive Council of Hezbollah,…

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