occupied golan


Israel moves tanks to occupied Golan after Syria vows to reclaim it

Israel’s military has transferred its tanks to the occupied Golan Heights, a 500-square-mile area with strategic importance, in a dangerous…

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Middle East

Syrian defense systems downs more Israeli Drones

The Damascus Army’s air defense systems shot down more Israeli drones before they could arrive in Quneitra, media reports said.…

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US-Saudi war has failed, We will fight until the end: Abdul-Malik al-Houthi

The leader of Houthi Ansarullah revolutionary movement Sayyed Abdul Malik al- Houthi warned against any military escalation by Saudi-led coalition…

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Netanyahu dictates world to recognize Syrian Golan as Israeli territory

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the international community should recognize as “Israeli territory” the Golan Heights, a Syrian territory which…

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