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US officers estimate only one-third of Hamas fighters killed: Report

Senior US army intelligence officers say Israel has degraded Hamas’s military capabilities, but it is not close to eliminating it,…

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US military veteran volunteering in Ukraine faked battlefield heroics for fame

A US military veteran whose self-proclaimed battlefield heroics as a volunteer fighter in Ukraine’s war against Russia have gone viral…

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Middle East

US Syrian air raid killed 70 women, children

A new report by the New York Times has revealed that the United States concealed the data about the number…

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The US wants Pakistan to dance on its tune, Irman Khan

Shiite News: Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the US kept expecting more from Pakistan and unfortunately, in past Pakistani…

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Middle East

US under pressure as Russia, Syria step up efforts to counter occupying US troops

US troops occupying parts of northeastern Syria have come under increasing pressure as Russia and Syria step up their military…

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6 US troops, 6 Afghan soldiers reported killed during operation in Afghanistan

At least six US soldiers as well as six Afghan troops have reportedly been killed in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province…

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Yemen war is Saudi Prince’s Quagmire: New York Times report

The war in Yemen is lodged in a stalemate and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s fight has become a…

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Sanctions on Leader? Ending myth of ‘Millionaire Mullah’

Part 1 There are many pieces of nonsense about Iran, which are fervently believed in the West but which have…

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Middle East

Emirati businessman received money from the UAE to spy on Trump’s government

A report says an Emirati businessman received money from the UAE’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) to spy on US President…

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Saudi Arab

Saudi Arabia, UAE Provide Leaders of Sudanese Military Council with Money and Weapons

Leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have lavished money, weapons and advice on leaders of the Military…

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