Daesh Takfiri


10 suspected Daesh members killed in Egypt

Egyptian police forces have launched raids across the country, killing and arresting suspected militants linked to the Daesh Takfiri organization…

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Middle East

Syrian air defenses intercept missiles near Homs

Syrian air defense systems have repelled a missile attack on an airport near the western city of Homs, less than…

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Middle East

HIDDEN HELLS OF ISIS Thousands of bodies found in 72 mass graves

The Islamic State overran large swathes of Syria and Iraq in the summer of 2014, and the militants left traces…

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US and Saudi Arabia played role in recent terrorist attacks in Iraq

A member of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces noted that our analysis of the events is that the role of Saudi…

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Iran condemns terrorist bomb blasts in Saudi Arabia

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has condemned a series of terrorist bomb attacks in the Saudi Arabian cities of Medina, Qatif,…

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