Assassination of Soleimani


‘UN expert’s report on Lt. Gen Soliemani arouses US wrath’

Iranian FM Zarif said on Tuesday that the UN rapporteur report which described the assassination of Lieutenant General Soleiman as…

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Iran Judiciary Chief urges follow-up on Trump’s arrest warrant

Iran Judiciary Chief underlined that Iran will not stop following up the arrest warrant it has issued for Trump and…

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Shaheed Qasim Solemani (SQS)

Louis Farrakhan slams Trump for assassination of Soleimani

The leader of the US-based Nation of Islam movement Louis Farrakhan has blasted President Donald Trump for the assassination of…

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Middle East

Daesh has escalated attacks in Iraq, Syria since US killing of Soleimani

The Takfiri Daesh terrorist group has intensified its attacks in Iraq and Syria following the United States’ assassination of Iran’s…

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Assassination of Soleimani opened new door of confrontation against US: Hezbollah

Representative of the Hezbollah group at the Lebanese parliament stressed that a new stage of confrontation against the US presence…

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