Two foreign war planes crash in Yemen

The source, who is close to leaders of Ansarullah and a member of Yemen Revolutionary committee, said what certain news agencies and channels have reported about participation of 100 war planes in the attacks is ‘sheer lies’.

He said dissemination of such news and ignoring the victories of Yemeni people including the crash of two planes show that these media are supporting Mansour Hadi and his foreign supporters.

The source also rejected some reports that Saudi Arabia parachutists have landed in Yemen, saying that even a single parachutist has not come down in Yemen.

He added if any parachutists land in Yemen, revolutionary people of Yemen are ready to give an appropriate response to them.

The source said supporters of Mansour Hadi want to dissuade Yemenis from resisting against invaders by making media hype and intimidating people but Yemenis have chosen their way and are determined to stand against foreign invasion.

The source added more good news about the response of Yemenis to foreign invaders will be disseminated in the upcoming days.

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