Yemenis attack ISIL, UAE mercenaries in Shabwah with missiles

Yemeni army and allied forces attacked the ISIL elements and the UAE-backed mercenaries with missiles and drones in southern Shabwah province.

Yemen’s Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree said on Friday that the Yemeni army’s missile and drone units struck a gathering of ISIL terrorist elements and UAE-backed mercenaries in Shabwah province on Thursday afternoon.

General Saree said that during the operation, a precise attack hit a gathering of the UAE-backed mercenaries, who were planning to infiltrate the Sanaa government forces in Ain district in Shabwa.

He added that a lot of the enemy’s forces were killed or wounded in the operation.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni military spokesman added that fighter jets belonging to the Saudi-led military coalition bombed various areas of Ma’rib and Shabwa 43 times i the past few hours.

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