The role of the Zionists in setting up anti-Islamic Pegida campaign

The former leader of the German anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant group Pegida “Kathrin Oertel,”in an interview asked the Pegida supporters not to lure by intelligence services for demonizing Islam and Muslims.

Kathrin Oertel, the ex-Pegida leader apologized to Muslims in a video message and advised Pegida supporters to reconsider their thoughts on Islam.

She also admitted that Pegida group and other racist groups against Muslims in Europe, America and other countries are backed, led and fed by the intelligence services of America and Israel.

According to Kathrin Oertel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey’s cooperation in demonizing Muslims & Islam and their support for ISIL terrorist group & al-Nusra Front is a great betrayal to Islam by Muslim rulers which is not justified except that we accept the Al Saud, Erdogan and Emir of Qatar are spying directly or indirectly for American intelligence services and Mossad.

Kathrin Oertel believes Saudi aggression against Yemen is last phase of the Zionists plan for igniting the fire of Muslims killing in the East and the West of the Middle East and these wars involved all the Muslims.

When a reporter asked her that you don’t afraid of expressing these comments answered: There is possibility of my death by Zionist but this is the price of my inappropriate actions and programs that already have done against Muslims. I’m not afraid telling reality to those who are Pegida supporters and, I say that they are on the wrong way for the wrong reasons. She finally said: “I feel partially responsible for a campaign of hatred we caused that is why I am upset. I want to apologize and the only thing I can do is to help resolve those tensions.”

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