Israel might have been linked to killing of Tunisian engineer, reports say

Ronin Brigman, a prominent intelligence affairs commentator, quoted Israeli sources as saying that accusations by Tunisian authorities that Mossad has been responsible for the attack make sense, the media reported.

Speaking in a program on Israel’s Channel 10 on Friday, Brigman said Israel often reacts to any accusation against its spy agency Mossad by saying, no comment. However, he said, “what happened today is a little different.” Brigman said the attackers had left Tunisia.

In the same program, Oran Helar, a military commentator, said the aviation engineer, Mohammed Zawahri, had strong ties to Hamas and was a member of Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades, which is the military wing of the Palestinian resistance movement.

The Palestinian Information Center says various political organizations and civil society groups have called for protests against the killing of Zawahri.

The aviation engineer, 49, was a former Tunisian pilot. He was not living in Tunisia at the time, and was only in town from Lebanon for a visit to his family.

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