What we know about remaining captives in Gaza

Israel says at least 237 people were captured by Hamas during the group’s October 7 attacks. The captives are from at least 40 different countries and included at least 20 Thai farm workers.

It is not clear how many captives remain but we do know that 41 have now been released as part of the prisoner-captive exchanges on the first two days of a temporary truce.

They include:

26 Israeli nationals, including 13 released on Friday and 13 released late on Saturday
Four Thai nationals who were freed on Saturday as well as 10 Thai nationals and one citizen from the Philippines freed on Friday

We also know that previously:

  • Hamas released four people – two Israeli citizens and two US citizens
  • Israel says it rescued an Israeli soldier
  • Hamas said 50 captives had been killed in Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip
  • Israel said the bodies of two female captives were recovered near the Al-Shifa Hospital complex

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