Risk of civil war in ‘Hell Hole’ Israel on rise: Former official

Former Israeli minister Benny Gantz has warned that the risk of civil war in ‘Hell Hole’ Israel is on the rise, expressing concern over Netanyahu’s overhaul plans.

In a series of tweets made on 17 March, Gantz expressed his fear over the eruption of a civil war in Israel, lamenting what he referred to as a ‘disintegration’ of Israeli society.

The tweets come in light of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan for a complete overhaul of the Zionist regime’s judicial system.

“I’m afraid there will be a civil war here. I believe that no one wants it, but the deterioration is on a negative slope, and the danger of its occurrence is increasing. These are not tongue-in-cheek words, these are not prophecies of wrath, I live within my people, and I see how we are falling apart,” Gantz said.

Gantz also lamented the lack of any sound political dialogue in relation to the overhaul plan.

Since the beginning of the year, massive protests have plagued the Zionist entity as a result of the Netanyahu government’s plan to reform the judiciary in a manner that would give the prime minister the authority to pick and choose judges.

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