Protests against Netanyahu erupts before formation of cabinet

Tens of thousands of people in occupied Palestine demonstrated on Saturday night against the future cabinet of Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister appointed to form the cabinet of the Zionist regime.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the Likud party, who won the majority of seats in the parliamentary elections of the Zionist regime with the support of religious extremists, has not formed a new cabinet yet, but he faced widespread public protest.

Yediot Aharonot newspaper stated: “Protesters gathered in Habima Square in Tel Aviv and held a demonstration in the streets against Netanyahu’s future cabinet.”

With the presence of the largest number of settlers and members of “Zionist” and “Haredi” religious parties in the Knesset of the Israeli regime, It is predicted that the composition of Knesset members and consequently the future Zionist cabinet would be different from the past and this regime would move more in the direction of extremism.

Political experts have evaluated the new cabinet of the Zionist regime, which will take office after five years of deadlock, as one of the most radical and corrupt cabinets in the history of this fake regime.

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