MWM GB spokesman demand arrest of terrorists involved in Chilas massacre

MWM GB spokesman has reiterated his demand that the government and security agencies must arrest terrorists who massacred innocent Shia Muslims in Chilas forthwith.

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Gilgit-Baltistan spokesman Ilyas Siddiqui made this demand today.

“Terrorists had massacred dozens of innocent people in Chilas and their heirs wait for justice,” he said.

Ilyas Siddiqui said that compensating the families of martyrs financially is a good step. He said it is not enough to heal their wounds.

No arrest of terroists for Chilas masacre so far

He urged that arrest of and capital punishment to the killers should also be ensured forthwith.  He demanded justice without any further delay,

MWM GB leader said that videos of Chilas massacre culprits had gone viral.  He said that millions of people in Pakistan and abroad have watched those videos and many would have identifiewd terrorists.

Why, the concerned agencies don’t arrest identified culprits  so far, he asked.

It may be relevant to add here that takfiri terrorists had pulled out passengers from bus in Chilas.  They had killed those who had been identified as Shia Muslims.

Chilas Massacre background

More than six years have passed but the ferocious terrorists continue to enjoy freedom.

Shia Muslims have been complaining of victimisation for long.

On the one hand, Shia are soft targets of terrorists and on the other they are subjected to enforced disappearance and restrictions on religious and curltual rights.

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