Allama Javad denounces faithless democrats and clerics of Pakistan

Renowned Shia Islamic scholar and founder leader of Islamic Ummah’s Awakening Movement in Pakistan Allama Syed Javad Naqvi has said that Pakistan has a democracy but politicians themselves don’t believe in democracy and similarly religio-political parties’ leaders don’t believe in religion per se.

He made this assertion speaking at a gathering in his Urwatul Wusqa University in Lahore.
He said that belief or faith mans to have unwavering and substantial relation with something from the depth of heart. But, he lamented that politicians don’t have such link with politics and democracy and clerics of religio-political parties are also no different than them.
Allama Javad said democracy has been used as a ploy for vested interests by the deserters and defectors who are seen switching over to new parties prior to elections or to the ruling parties.
He said that Sunni and Shia parties also believe in democracy while democracy originated from French politics, it is Western system and it has nothing to do with Islam and according to him neither Sunni nor Shia originated democracy.
Allama Javad ridiculed the religio-political parties’ leaders for their role in power-politics in which they want to reach Parliament not for their Islamic political system but power-centred politics. He also chided general public that they are patriots without faith in homeland and religious without practical faith in Islam.

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