‘Death to Israel,’ flag Burnt; al-Quds Day rallies across the world

Masses gather on International Quds Day rallying across the globe to show their solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people and condemn Israeli atrocities. 

People from all walks of life on the last Friday in the Holy month of Ramazan to marked Al-Quds Day. People taking part in the rallies seek to communicate to the world the deplorable status of the Palestinians and press the Israeli regime to respect Palestinian rights.

There were rallies in Iran, organized by the Islamic Propagation Coordination Council (IPCC), started in Tehran and 850 others cities across the country. Even Iranian Jews are reported to take part in the demonstrations.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (seen below) in Friday rally, Tehran.


Similar images were witnessed in Lebanon where millions gathered to mark the al-Quds day on Friday. Hizbullah ensured the arrangements followed by a speech from their valiant leader Syed Hasan Nasrullah.


In Pakistan, thousands reached the capital as it was a captivating event for both the organizers; ISO and MWM. ISO (Imamia Student Organization) and MWM (Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen) organize rallies across Pakistan in solidarity with Palestine every year; but this year their leader Allama Raja Nasir Abbas was already protesting against the government. In a chain of events, MWM’s Chief Allama Nasir hunger strike marked its silver jubilee already, when he addressed the Quds’ rally in Islamabad.

Human right agencies established this fact that Israeli regime is bound by none of the internationals norms and rules and is a base for the US and the global arrogance in the region. The regime and its sponsors are behind all miseries and the insecurity in Islamic and Arab countries from North Africa to West Asia.

While some consider it as a mode of hate against one particular country; many realize that it is against a particular mind-set, a regime namely ‘ZIONIST’.

Protesters across the world are seen chanting slogans against the horrendous regime and in support of the subjugated Palestine, witness burning of the mind-set flags lest it be Israel or the US.

Burning Israel & followed by US Flag, its recent that portraits of Bahrain and Turkish officials are also burnt during these Quds Rallies across the world. The same was witnesses in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria and many other muslim nations.

When questioned, a protester replied that the rally was against oppressors and oppressed. He said that lest it be anyone, they will mark and identify them and this was just a symbol of their commitment with the oppressed people, that we stand with them.

While talking to an official that arranged the rally, he said that the burning is symbolic and shows our allegiance. Israel, according to him, has no entity of its own, its a junction where culprits of the world dine together and convene. According to him the culprit can be of any nation, creed, cast or religion; he surely will end up in Israel.

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