Islami Tehreek expected to become part of GB government: local newspaper’s claim

Islami Tehreek expected to become part of GB government: local newspaper’s claim

Shiite News: A local newspaper of Gilgit Baltistan has claimed that leaders of the ruling party, in view of public reaction against taxes, economic corridor and GB’s constitutional status, have decided to make Islami Tehreek Pakistan a part of GB government.

According to the newspaper report, the decision has been taken keeping in view the current situation of GB. The newspaper also claims that some members of Islami Tehreek will be given ministries in the assembly as well and meetings between PML-N and Islami Tehreek’s leaders have been going on in this regard. Senior leadership of Islami Tehreek has also called GB’s provincial president Syed Abbas Rizvi from Skardu and Sheikh Mirza Ali from Gilgit to Islamabad.

The decision of Islami Tehreek’s involvement in GB’s government will be taken before GB Council elections but now it is to be seen whether Islami Tehreek, after joining the government, will fight against the public opposition against issues regarding economic corridor, constitutional rights and implementation of taxes or will itself become a part of the public opposition, the newspaper asserts.

The decision was expected soon after the elections in GB, at the time of government formation but PML-N declared that it did not want any other party’s support for forming the government but now when the party is in difficulties and has been facing serious issues in the province, it is trying to take help of religious parties. When information secretary of Islami Tehreek Gilgit Baltistan was contacted, he denied confirming or rejecting the news and said that Islami Tehreek would never deceive public regarding becoming a part of the government, constitutional rights, economic corridor and other issues of the region.

“Islami Tehreek was the first one to raise the slogan of Gilgit Baltistan be made the fifth province of the country and the issues will also be settled with the party’s efforts”, he further said.

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