Protest breaks out against Qatif executions in Pakistan

Pakistanis have taken to the streets in the port city of Karachi to condemn a recent mass execution by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the oil rich region of Qatif to suppress the voice of dissent.

The UN monitoring indicates that some of those executed were sentenced to death following unfair trials and without due process guarantees, and for crimes that did not appear to meet the most serious crimes threshold, as required under international law.

The protesters demand that the international community force the Saudi government to deliver the bodies to their families for an honored burial.

The United Nations calls on the Saudi authorities to halt all executions, immediately establish a moratorium on the use of death penalty, and commute the death sentences against those on death row.

Experts believe that some of the executions are linked to the devastating Saudi military aggression on Yemen that the United Nations has failed to address so far.


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