US disappointment is best opportunity, Agha Hamid Musauvi

Shiite News: Head of Tahreek-e-Nifaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafferia, Allama Syed Hamid Ali Shah Musauvi welcomed US disappointment from Pakistan on Military Bases Issue and said that US is not God, we needed to learn this lesson from Iran. He also urged government to call APC of all religious and political parties rather to ask for Child Protection List from USA who is already killer of millions of Children.

He also warned government to beware of internal enemies of Pakistan who have started strengthen banned organizations in the country. He added that tradition of previous government to back up terrorist groups under the table would push beloved homeland to irrecoverable loss.

He further said that attack on ideological base of any nation was initial step of a strategy to destroy any nation. In Pakistan, agents of enemy were openly denying and challenging the “Two Nation Theory” and feeding their poisonous staff innocent brains of our new generation.

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