Allama Mqasood Domki: It’s our duty to support the independence movement of Palestine

Shiitenews: The spokesperson of MWM Pakistan Allama Masood Domki met Central secretary General of BNP Dr.Jahanzaib Jamal u Din and and invited him on Al-Quds conference of Palestine Foundation Pakistan.

At this moment Allama Maqsood Ali Domki said Palestinians are oppressed they are fighting for their land.its our duty to supporting them in their independence movement. He said the issue of missing persons is very important and sensitive. Including Balochistan those who were kidnapped by government institutions should released urgently.

At this moment BNP’s secretary General Doctor Jahanzaib Jamal u Din said that their are 5128 missing person just from Balochistan which list has been provided to government. We demands to release all missing persons without race of colour and creed. He announced to participate in sit in protest with his cabinet soon.

He added that understanding and brotherhood relationships among different religious sects are very compulsory its the duty of Ulama to play their role in this regard. Because our unity is the thing which can beat enemies of Islam. He also announced to participate in Al-Quds conference with his cabinet. Allama Maqsood Domki presented him a gift of Balochi history book and calendar of the year.


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