Asgharia Students and AIAT holding online lectures during Ramazan

Asgharia Students and AIAT are holding online lectures during Ramazan to preach the Quranic teachings.

Due to lockdown amid Coronavirus pandemic threat, Asgharia Students Organisation (ASO) Pakistan and Asgharia Ilm-O-Amal Tehreek (AIAT) are holding online programmes.

Asgharia Students and AIAT

Dr Javad Hyder Hashmi spoke on the supremacy and superiority of Holy Quran.

He said that Ramazan brings divine light and blessings to lead people to self-purification while guide them to divine truth.

He further said that only those pious faithful value the worth of this sacred month and its blessings.

Moreover, the scholar noted them as those faithful who truly believe in the Afterlife.

Mohsin Ali Asghari leads ASOP as central president while Shakeel Hussaini leads AIAT as CP.

Besides, Engr Syed Hussain Shah Mousavi leads the entire Asgharia as a chairman and an ideologue and thinker.

Meanwhile, Imamia Students Organisation (ISO) and Jafaria Students Organisation are also organising Ramazan programmes.

ISO Pakistan is observing Ashra Quran and Khud Saazi that will culminate on 10th of Ramazan.

Moreover, JSO observes the holy month with Ehsaas-e-Ramazan campaign.

Shia Muslims respect the sacred month of Ramazan in high esteem with special attention on Quranic recitation and additional prayers and supplications to seek Godly blessing.

Allama Raja Nasir sees Ramazan a Godsend opportunity for self-purification

Allama Sajid Naqvi notes Ramazan as divine reception for entertaining people



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