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US forces targeted by rocket attacks in eastern Syria

The base of the American occupying forces in eastern Syria was once again targeted by a rocket attack.

The American invaders, who have been stealing Syrian oil for several years, have sent more equipment and ammunition to their bases in the east and northeast of Syria in recent months and asked their forces to be on alert to deal with threats.

According to the Iran press news agency, local sources announced on Sunday morning that at least 2 rockets were fired from the “Hawijah Saghar area in Deir Ez-zur at the location of the American military in eastern Syria.

This is the second rocket attack on the American base in eastern Syria in the last 24 hours.

On Saturday morning, the US military base in Koniko gas field in northeastern Syria was hit by a rocket attack with 3 rockets.

According to reports, a Syrian group known as “Popular Resistance in the East of the Euphrates” released a statement claiming responsibility for Saturday’s attack, announcing that recently 5 rockets were fired at the American base in the Al-Omar oil field, 4 rockets were fired at Koniko base, 1 rocket and several drone shots al-Shaddadi base.

Koniko gas field is one of the big gas fields in Syria, 20 kilometers north of Deir Ez-zur, which is under the occupation of the American military.

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