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US presence in Syria is illegal: Faisal al-Maqdad

The Syrian foreign minister called for an end to the illegal presence of US terrorist forces in Syria.

The US military and its affiliated terrorist elements have been present illegally in northern and eastern Syria for a long time, and in addition to looting the country’s oil and grain resources, they are taking action against the Syrian people and forces.

According to the Iran Press News Agency, “Faisal al-Maqdad” on Wednesday in an interview with the Syrian “Al-Syria” and “Al-Akhbariya” TV channels stressed that the US presence in Syria is illegal and stated that the Americans should leave the country immediately.

Al-Mayadin recently reported on the training of elements of the ISIS terrorist group at the US base “Al-Tanf” in Syria.

Al-Mayadin reported that elements of the ISIS terrorist group are being trained by US military trainers at Al-Tanf base.

In this interview, the Syrian Foreign Minister also referred to Turkey’s support for terrorists in Syria and said: “The Turkish regime continues to support terrorist organizations in Syria in an action contrary to the agreements reached at the Astana meetings.”


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