Qassem Hashem: “Ayoub Drone” is National Achievement

qassem350news“Liberation and Development” bloc member, MP Qassem Hashem considered that launching the “Ayoub” drone is a national achievement which enhances the deterrence and intimidation balance equation with the Zionist enemy who keeps violating Lebanon’s national sovereignty.

In a statement issued Monday, the official stated that some national parties see issues only through their own interests and vision, wondering “how long would sloppiness policy continue?” He highlighted that some in Lebanon, instead of being proud of national accomplishments which confused the enemy, their leaderships and institutions, are possessed by such policy.
On another note related to the electoral law, Hashem said that the “Development and Liberation” bloc supports the one election district law based on the proportionality system, in order to take Lebanon out of the cycle of sectarian, confessional speech and provide correct representation.

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