8 Israeli Warplanes, Spy Drones Violate Lebanon’s Airspace

A statement issued by the Lebanese army on Thursday stated that a Zionist spy drone had violated the Lebanese airspace at dawn Wednesday over the southern town of Rmeish, and circled over the southern regions, before leaving the national airspace from Alma Ash-shae’b town.

“A similar enemy plane violated the Lebanese airspace over the town of Alma Ash-shae’b, and circled over the eastern regions of Rayak, Baalbek and Hermel, then it left the airspace over the town of Kfar Kila in the south,” the army added.

The statement also pointed out that “six Israeli enemy warplanes violated Lebanon’s airspace over the town of Kfar Kila and the western coastal city of Jbeil.

The fighter jets circled over the various regions of Lebanon, then left the airspace successively over the towns of Alma Ash-shae’b and Rmeich in the south.

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