Gas Exploration Vessel Transocean Barents Arrives at Lebanon’s Block 9 on Wednesday

The Transocean Barents drilling platform is expected to arrive at the drilling site in Block 9 on Wednesday, August 16, as Lebanon marks the 17th anniversary of August, 2006, Victory.

The drilling preparations are meticulously organized. A device will be initially dispatched to the designated drilling area. It would transmit signals to the platform to determine its precise position. Ideally, the device will be situated directly above the projected location of the well. Subsequently, the drilling pipes will be lowered from the platform’s center to the well site. In addition, the platform will be linked to multiple satellites, enabling automated adjustments in the event of any deviation in the drilling pipes. This feature guarantees the platform’s swift return to its accurate position.

The drilling of the well in Block Number 9 is slated to last approximately 67 days. Should any commercial discoveries be made, the platform will remain stationary for an additional 14 days to facilitate production testing. A representative from the LPA said that by mid-November, significant insights will likely emerge regarding the potential presence of oil and gas reserves within Lebanon’s economic zone.

Lebanon has steadfastly confronted the US attempts to impose a maritime border demarcation that suits the Israeli enemy’s interests. The cooperation between the state, army and Resistance has given all the Lebanese the victory of investing the maritime resources.


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