Hezbollah: Burning of Holy Quran ‘Henious Offence

Hezbollah firmly denounced on Sunday burning of holy Quran in Sweden, calling on Stockholm to prevent such ‘criminal acts’.

In a statement, Hezbollah’s Media Relations Office described the burning of Islam’s holy book as “henious offence that we can’t keep silent over.”

“This move comes as part of an offensive series that is aimed against Islam and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), as well as against all Muslim references, figures and sancities,” Hezbollah stated.

The Lebanese resistance party, meanwhile, blamed Swedish authorities over the offence, calling on them to” punish the perpetrators and to prevent such crimes.”

Hezbollah also urged Muslim governments, references, and bodies to condemn this offence and to” work to form a worldwide public opinion in a bid to prevent such dangerous violations in the future.”


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