Hezbollah: US Meddling, Anti-Resistance Schemes Counterproductive

Member of Hezbollah’s Central Council Sheikh Nabil Qawouk said US meddling in Lebanese affairs was counterproductive.

In a local ceremony in the southern city of Nabatieh, Sheikh Qawouk said Hezbollah has been targeted by the United States throughout the last forty years on political, economic, security and military levels.

The meddling “indicates the extent of Hezbollah’s impact and efficiency, as well as achievements which without them the pressure would not continue.”

“The pressure represents acknowledgement of our role and influence, while also proves the failure of their policy,” Sheikh Qawouk said.

He wondered about achievements secured by the US and Saudi Arabia which paid tens of billions of dollars as part of these policies.

“Entire world realizes that the US and Saudi came together in a bid to break the Resistance. However, the Resistance managed to break their will and tarnish their image.”

On the upcoming parliamentary elections, Sheikh Qawouk said the Lebanese have to choose between two sides: “The first side wants to salvage the country and stop the (economic) collapse), while the second wants to deepen the crises and even to create them in order to implement seditious schemes.”

In this context, the Hezbollah official noted that foreign sides have been playing major role in such schemes.

“Embassies, especially those of the US and Saudi, played role in poisoned schemes in a bid to incite people in Lebanon against the Resistance. However, such schemes were counterproductive as the popularity of Hezbollah has been on the rise.”

Sheikh Qawouk stressed, meanwhile, that Hezbollah is heading for elections with confidence and great will to put an end to the foreign meddling in Lebanon.

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