Hezbollah Denounces ‘Flagrant’ US Aggression on Iraq, Syria

Hezbollah firmly denounced the US strikes on Syria-Iraq borders, describing them as flagrant aggression to the sovereignty of the two countries.

In a statement issues on Monday, Hezbollah’s Media Relations Office condemned the “heinous US aggression which targeted the Syria-Iraqi borders and led to the martyrdom of several Resistance fighters.”

The attack “is a flagrant aggression to the sovereignty of these two neighbors that aims at weakening their capabilities to confront Takfiri terrorists,” the statement said.

Hezbollah hailed, meanwhile, Iraqi official and popular stances which unanimously rejected the aggression. The Lebanese Resistance group offered condolences over martyrdom of four Hashd Shaabi fighters.

“All US strikes will make the Iraqi people more determined to liberate their land and defend it. The region won’t witness peace before expelling US occupation forces from Iraq and Syria.”

Earlier on Monday, US air strikes targeted the border area between Iraq and Syria, killing four Hashd Shaabi fighters as well as one Syrian civilian.


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