Iranian Sunni scholars issue statement to condemn Pakistan Shia genocide

iran sunni ulmaFollowing the recent killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, Iranian Sunni scholars from Northern Khorasan Province issued a statement to slam the carnage.

A group of Sunni clerics from Northern Khorasan Province have issued a statement to express their sympathy over the recent killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan and slam extremist groups and puppets of the arrogant powers for the incident, 

According to this statement no religion or ethics approves murder of the innocent people and according to the holy Qur’an those who commit homicide are excluded from Muslim communities.

Iranian Sunni clerics in this statement denounced world arrogant powers and the Zionist regime for funding and spreading fake faiths and also killing of the civilians in Quetta, Karachi, Bahrain, Syria and Iraq.

The statement stressed that the killing of Shia Muslims is aimed at breaching Islamic communities and said,” Sunni scholars announce that these inhumane crimes do not hurt Muslim unity rather they boost solidarity of world Muslims particularly Shia and Sunni communities.”

Clerics from Northern Khorasan Province demanded all Muslims to voice their anger against the killing of Muslims and complain to international bodies, United Nations and Human Rights organizations.

The statement concludes that,” We extend our deepest sympathies with the families of the victims in this incident and announce that the only determined reply to such cowardly measures is promoting Muslim unity and pursuing proximity of all Muslims around the world.”

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