Bahraini Shia Scholar: Israel cannot destroy religious principles of Palestinian nation

Bahraini Shia scholar said,” Zionist oppression with all its cruelty, violence and stupidity has resurfaced due to the support of Super powers, but no matter how hard they try, they cannot destroy the principles of the Palestinian nation.”

In his speech at Imam Sadiq (PBUH) mosque in Manama, Seyyed Abdullah Gharifi said, “Continuing oppression, bloodshed, and assaulting holy places will not cause the defeat of the Palestinian forces, even though a lot of blood will be shed, the resistance forces’ steadfastness is unbreakable. Their strength and determination does not weaken; Because they are people of principles and beliefs and they love martyrdom.”

He added,” All the forces of tyranny, no matter how much they spend, they cannot defeat a principle and destroy a faith, or overthrow an opinion.”

He further stated,” The Zionists are fighting because a usurper regime has occupied their homeland and is slaughtering their children, women and the elderly and they target houses, mosques and hospitals. The Zionist regime is destroying security, peace, and life, but also everything else, such as values, ideals, dignity, and honor.”

Condemning the financial, military and media support of Western governments, this Bahraini scholar asked world leaders,” Where is the conscience of the world?! Where are the humanitarian organizations and why are they silent?!”

The Bahraini scholar further raised the question that why are the leaders of the Arab world and the Islamic world silent regarding the crimes and pointed out,” The condemnations, statements and words that were issued are not a deterrent position and are not proportionate to the extent of the Zionists’ aggression, the dimensions of the crimes and massacres they committed.”

Ayatollah Gharifi further appreciated the actions of the zealous Islamic and Arab people in condemning the crimes of Israel.

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