Bahraini Shia cleric: Israel marching toward inevitable demise in war on Gaza

Bahraini Shia cleric: Israel marching toward inevitable demise in war on Gaza In a sermon delivered on November 3, 2023, Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour, the Friday preacher at Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Diraz, located west of the capital Manama, shared his perspective on the ongoing war on Gaza, declaring that “with this war, which Israel believes is a matter of avenging its so-called pride, it is, in fact, marching inexorably toward its own demise.”

Sheikh Sanqour elaborated on this assertion, stating, “The more Israel persists in its aggression, the closer it draws to its own demise. Its continuous intrusion, oppression, and the shedding of innocent blood will not save it from the woeful fate awaiting it. Betting on this path is a losing proposition.”

He continued by emphasizing the unique international support that the major powers provide to Israel, recognizing that it stems from the belief that Israel is engaged in an existential battle. With this support, he says, they seek to save it from the clutches of death that is hovering around its damaged body. However, Sheikh Sanqour maintained that no amount of support can breathe life into a body that has lost its vitality. “In vain you try to revive a body that has lost viability; it is only a matter of time,” he asserted.

Sheikh Sanqour drew attention to the audacity of Israel, which has come to describe its military as invincible. In doing so, it has donned the mantle of invincibility that once lured the arrogant, ultimately leading to their downfall.

Moreover, he highlighted Israel’s stubbornness in refusing a ceasefire and persisting in its aggression, despite the grave perils it faces. This is a result of an inability to accept defeat and a delusion that it is an indomitable force.

The Sheikh suggested that the countries supporting Israel should consider facilitating the return of its inhabitants to the diaspora, as they bear the consequences of a misguided choice. He argued that the land of Palestine does not embrace those who shed innocent blood and that the people of Palestine cannot coexist with the atrocities of those who increase corruption and commit heinous crimes.

Expressing profound sadness, Sheikh Sanqour extended condolences and heartfelt sympathy to the people in Jabalia camp and all the honorable citizens of Gaza in the wake of the horrific massacre perpetrated by the Zionist enemy. He noted that this massacre, part of a series of countless such events, underscores the enemy’s failure to achieve any illusory victories for its military, which has lost its stability due to successive defeats.

In his conclusion, Sheikh Sanqour stressed that such massacres will not bring victory to the aggressor, nor will they weaken the resolve of the brave resistance fighters. The people of Gaza will not be swayed from embracing the resistance as their only means of defeating the enemy on their land.

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