US, UK assault on Yemen shows who’s pulling the strings in Gaza

Western hegemonic entities, led by the United States and the United Kingdom, today decided to attack Yemen in a theatrical show of force to satisfy their power lust and pretend that they are still in control of the world.

It is important to note that Western hegemony is the biggest evil the world has ever seen, and it is on full display again today as Americans and its allies continue to not only embolden the Israeli regime but militarily support it amid the genocide in Gaza.

The evilness of these arrogant powers is again on display today as countries that have unapologetically declared their support for people in the besieged Gaza Strip are being bombarded in the darkness of night.

It’s important to note that Yemen, unlike many other Arab countries, has been blocking Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea to end the regime’s genocidal war on Gaza and the inhumane blockade of the small territory.

These heroic actions of the Yemeni military are supported by the overwhelming majority of countries. They also enjoy the full backing of the people of Yemen as evidenced by massive protests and rallies in major Yemeni cities in recent weeks.

The arrogant powers that attacked Yemen today are responsible for more than 75 years of the illegal occupation of Palestine. They are responsible for what’s unfolding in Gaza and the occupied West Bank today.

These are the countries that supply money, weapons and diplomatic cover for the Zionist occupation of Palestine. They are actively promoting genocide, ethnic cleansing, racism, apartheid, cruel dehumanization and extreme barbarism in occupied Palestine.

The Western hegemonic powers and their Zionist ally have faced the disgraceful defeat in Gaza in the face of the bravery, courage, resilience and steadfastness of Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups.

After almost 100 days of war on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli entity with its more than 500,000 soldiers and all the sophisticated weapons failed to record a single achievement despite the industrial-scale massacres of innocent civilians, of which the majority are women and children.

This is the main reason why the American-British-Zionist axis of evil decided to attack Yemen to deflect attention from their monumental failures in Gaza and put a blanket on the heinous crimes against humanity they have been perpetuating against the Gazans.

More than 23,000 Palestinians have been killed since Oct. 7, including more than 12,000 children and more than 7,000 women, according to rights groups.

One thing is for certain: Today’s bombings of Sana’a, Hudaydah and Saada by Washington and London will not stop the heroic people of Yemen from standing with Palestine and practically opposing the genocide in Gaza.

The Yemeni military will definitely respond to these attacks. Yemen is not new to such aggression as this honorable nation survived more than seven years of bombings by the American-orchestrated Arab coalition. Only Iran stood by Yemen at its difficult hour.

The amount of mainstream media “hype” the American-British coalition generated for its “strike on Yemen” is a pretty strong indicator that it is intended as a theatre: a futile attempt to restore “deterrence”.

Actual military strikes with military objectives aren’t typically broadcast hours in advance. And that is exactly what this Western imperialist gang did.

The vital element of surprise was absolutely absent here. It is noteworthy that American and British decisions to forego the element of surprise in executing strikes allow for precautionary measures that minimize losses, thereby trying to avoid significant escalation.

Bombings of empty stores and warehouses cannot stop the resolve of the people of Yemen to support the oppressed people of Palestine. History has proven that the people of Yemen cannot be intimidated by imperialist powers.

And the dream of reenacting the American era of arrogance and domination will remain a dream forever. With these attacks, Western hegemony has endangered the vital shipping of the Bab Al-Mandeb waterway of the Red Sea.

This is a defining moment of world history and the heroic people of Yemen have decided to stand against the most evil regimes. They have the world’s support as the world will be a better place without US imperialism, arrogance and terrorism.

By Harun Elbinawi

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