Coronavirus :The reality vs propaganda

“And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart – about all those [one] will be questioned.” Al-quran, chapter no: 17, verse no :36

Yes, it is true that Novel #Corona virus has claimed 429 lives in Iran after its outbreak in Islamic city, Qom and Iran has confirmed 10075 cases of coronavirus infection so far and Medical officials have assured that Iran will, in the near future, rein in the spread of a flu-like virus originating from China, and that conditions of most of the patients diagnosed with the new coronavirus have improved. (recovered =3276)

But, may I know what regime change slogans and other anti-Iran slogans like #Death2Mullahs, #End2IslamicSystem, #Death2Iran has got to do with Covid-19?

Shall I consider it as a sympathy/solidarity/support or Antagonism/mercilessness/hatred?

I know that the thousands of US, Israel and Aale _Saood backed lobbies, are trying to create panic, confusion and despair in Iran by circulating baseless & fake news stuff and they are actively working on the orders of their masters to defame islamic Republic of Iran.

#Coronavirus outbreak is a natural disaster but what agencies, Zoinist/Takfiri lobbies, heartless humans are spreading on the social media is a complete shame on humanity/this is a malignant tumor which can’t be removed from their souls and hearts, as their minds are polluted with anti-iran thoughts.

Fox news (propaganda machine) in one of their previously published peice wrote like this, “But why would the Iranian regime attempt to conceal the outbreak from the outset”? Still regime change thinking. I fail to understand the relationship between coronavirus and their famous slogan regime change!

“The reason is simple: if there were a rapid response to properly quarantine patients in Iran, there would be a lower turnout for the elections that are presently occurring, and this would mar the appearance of electoral legitimacy that Iran is trying to maintain,” Dr. Norman Fried, medical expert and professor at Columbia University, told Fox News.

Knowing that it is a natural disaster or may be a biological war against Islamic Republic of Iran, this, so called medical expert, Dr Norman Fried attacks Iran. Covid-19 has affected almost all continents, but why to target Iran alone, which is 4th most affected country by #Corona??

To all the Indians/citizens of other nations

Nobody has issued a statement that “everything is normal in Iran”, “nor are we eligible to do so as we are not any supreme authorities, nor are we any news agencies to publish such statements as accused by some students in their posts, statuses, comments. But I would like to inform your good self that nobody has asked any kashmiri/Indian student studying in iran to evacuate hostels.

And when some students/activists expose those who are trying to create mass hysteria & a panic like situation by exaggerating the facts about the ongoing situation after coronavirus outbreak in Islamic city of qum, they (rumor mongering groups) and their masters call them, “Iran lover miniacs.”

To media and other propaganda organisations

Not Iranian health ministry but deputy of him got infected? Get your facts checked before you make any statement, it is not the mayor of Qom city who made false claims of 50 deaths but a law maker from the city of Qom and if we ask you to correct these things, “we become Iranian agents”?

The Government declares a State of Emergency when he/she believes a disaster has occurred or may be imminent that is severe enough to require State aid to supplement local resources in preventing or alleviating damages, loss, hardship or suffering which Enables government officials to take extra measures to protect the public. Trigger anti-price gouging laws. Seek state or federal funding aid for disaster response if it is warranted.

For medical/engineering students?

Who has caged you? Who has arrested you? Aren’t you safe there? Are you running out of essentials services? I asked these questions to the students studying in Iran in different universities. They said that there is nothing like that all this anxiety and uneasiness in us, is, because of the rumors, panic created by some rumor mongering agencies. You keep saying that Iranian media is lying? Iranian authorities are hiding the facts?And if we respond to your false claims, you call us Iranian puppets. It is your government, concerned authorities who will decide about the evacuation process not Iran and as per logic if your countries allow/order their respective airlines to fly from Iran to Delhi, Iran won’t stop you, they even issued you exit visas and all essential things. What else do you expect?

Iranian deputy health ministry was diagnosed with Coronavirus, was taken into quarantine and everybody knows it? Why should they (Iranians) hide this news.

There is nothing to hide and all the Iranian media oulets carried out this news in their respective newspapers/media channels.

“For your kind information Iranian minsters are not like minsters of other states who order from their’s luxurious rooms but they work on ground like other members of the society.”

What makes me “Iran lover maniac” if I respond to the false claims of fox news and other western media outlets?

One of the foolish claims which I came through in an article penned down by Hollie Mckay of fox news is like this, “Nobody believes the numbers coming out of Tehran,” said Matthew Schmidt, national security and political science expert at the University of New Haven. “It may well be that Iran is now the epicenter of the outbreak. The government has and continues to misreport the number of cases and deaths. But this is due as much to incompetence as a cover-up.”

Everyone knows that the epicenter of Coronavirus is Wuhan city of China and Iran is the 4th most affected country due to #Coronavirus. A very simple question arises here ,what makes Iran an epicenter of fatal Coronavirus, as claimed by Matthew Schmidt, so called national security and political science expert at the University of New Haven.

When people heard the news of #Corona outbreak in China, everyone was posting stuffs like #Pray4China, #WeSupportChina or if it was any other European country people would have extended their sympathies and so on but when it comes to Iran, enemies of humanity, barbarians, Tyrants, hypocrites chant “FreeIran”, “RegimeChange” , because of “GeneticalHatredness”, in your dreams, hypocrites!
Moreover, it is World Health Organization, which praised the Iran’s action against #Covid-19 , role of Iranian religious leaders in fight against this deadly virus, not me or any pro-Iran platform, but everyone is after Iran, may I know why?

It is important that you remain calm, maintain caution, not fall prey to rumors and stop creating any sectarian issue! National disaster knows no boundaries and doesn’t distinguish between different sects/ethnicity /ideologies/faiths and to fight against it, neither should we!

-By :Mohammmad Rafiq Kashmiri

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