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Israel diverts attention from Dimona nuclear weapons programme

Israel diverts attention from Dimona nuclear weapons programme through false propaganda against those whose land Israel has squatted and their supporters.

Factually speaking, Israel had launched its illegal nuclear weapons programme in 1950s. That shows much prior to the birth of Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Israel diverts attention from Dimona nuclear weapons programme

As a matter of fact, the Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in South Lebanon came into being due to Israeli crimes against humanity in those two regions.

In fact, they came into being in logical and legitimate reaction to the illegitimate occupation of their land which Israel perpetrated and continue to perpetrate.

But the illegal Jewish state of State, product of Jewish racism (Zionism) has a history of deflecting the attention of people around the world under the overstated false anti-Semitism.

When Israel began working on its nuclear weapons programme in 1950s and progressing in 1960s, pro-Israel Mohammad Reza ruled Iran as Shah of Iran.

Israel had not launched its nuclear weapons programme due to Iran as far as history remains concerned.

Moreover, Israel had not launched its nuclear weapons programme due to Hamas and Hezbollah if we refer to historical facts.

Illegal nuclear power Israel and their allies run campaign against Iran

Even, no Arab country has so far attained nuclear reliance, let alone weapons programme. But they all depend upon their Western bloc’s leader U.S. or other European states.

Therefore, Israel cannot justify Dimona or any other nuclear weapons programme sites under the pretext of Iran threat, Hamas-Hezbollah threat.

Ironically, Israeli oft-repeated blame the victim policy goes unheeded in the West (self-claimed civilized nations).

People in United States of America and European continent must not stay silent over Israeli crimes against humanity.

Israel has squatted land of Palestine, parts of Lebanon and Syria.

Israel controls United States thru Jewish officials in Biden administration ?

Besides, Israel is the only nuclear weapons entity in the Middle East but Tel Aviv divert attention from this very fact by targeting Iran.

The U.S.-led Western bloc has always extended unqualified support to Israel. They have made it above the law matchless entity.

U.S. and European people should call a spade a spade. Their silence against Israeli crimes against humanity become a reason that Muslims and Arabs of the region continue to suffer from racist Jewish-ism.

Israeli nuclear weapons pose existential threat to the Middle East and the global powers have turned a blind eye. Instead, they have assigned IAEA to target Iran.

Tis biased and discriminatory lunatic and ludicrous approach will not make Middle East free from nuclear weapons. But denuclearization of Middle East needs complete, total and full nuclear disarmament of Israel.

US President Joe Biden first call in Middle East goes to Netanyahu!

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