3 states to accelerate construction of Iraqi nuclear reactor

Three countries are holding talks with Iraq to help it accelerate the construction of its nuclear reactors. According to Iraqi…

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7 casualties in ISIS terrorist attack in Iraq

The Iraqi Security Information Center reported that two bombs by ISIS exploded in Diyala province, killing and wounding at least…

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US deploys weapon system at key base in Iraq after rocket attack

The US military has reportedly deployed a C-RAM weapon system at a key base near Baghdad International Airport, hours after…

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Terror attacks in E Iraq kills at least three

According to Iraqi media, two terrorist attacks in Diyala Governorate on Friday has claimed at least three lives while leaving…

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3 Rockets Hit US Military Base near Baghdad International Airport

Three rockets fell early on Friday in the vicinity of Camp Victory, near Baghdad International Airport. According to Reuters, citing…

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Iraq Hashd al-Sha’abi forces launch vast operations in Samarra

Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Unit (also known as Hashd al-Sha’abi) launched widespread operations in southern Samarra. Iraqi Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU)’s…

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ISIS suicide workshop discovered in Mosul by PMD

On April 19, the Hashad al-Shaabi organization (PMU) announced the discovery of a workshop for the production of ISIS suicide…

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New rocket attack targets Iraqi air base housing occupying US forces

At least five rockets have targeted an Iraqi air base hosting the occupying US soldiers and warplanes following a string…

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Iraq: ISIS, the perpetrator of the terrorist attack on Sadr City

The ISIS terrorist group issuing statement claimed responsibility for the recent terrorist bombing in Baghdad’s Sadr City.The attack took place…

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Iraqi resistance groups reportedly attacked Ain al Asad with 3 suicide drones

According to some reports released by Iraqi media outlets, the US Ain al-Assad base in Iraq has been targeted by…

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