Shia Sunni alliance gets success in Parachinar on NA Seat

Shiite News: Good news from Parachinar, PTI and Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM) have jointly elected their representative. It is the fruitful result of Shia-Sunni unity, the area echoed with the slogans of “Shia Sunni Bhai Bhai”.

The Sunni and Shia brothers of Kurram Agency have a political alliance of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen and PTI.

20 to 25 percent of the population of Upper Kurram, consisting of five villages, belongs to the Sunni Muslims, while the remaining 80 percent of the population is said to belong to the Shia Muslims.

People of Sunni Shia sect have united under the banner of the nominated candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.
There is an atmosphere of change in the whole region where people of Sunni Shia sect were enemies of each other today have come closer to each other.

Kurram Agency has been in the grip of communal riots for the past several years, as a result of which hundreds of people have died so far.

It is also worth mentioning that for the first time, good news is being received from Kuram Agency on behalf of the people of both Sects.

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